Making Mistakes & Giving Grace

Do you ever just think "why in the world did I just do that?" Or "that was such a big mistake, why did I think that was a good idea?!" Maybe it's multiple things, or maybe it is just one thing that you keep doing over and over again because you just can't help it. Either [...]

Life Is Supposed To Be Colorful

Life is not meant to be easy . It is not supposed to be bright and happy all the time. Life is supposed to be colorful. It has many bright moments and many dark moments. But if either the bright or the dark are left out, you'll never see the full spectrum of this colorful life. Life is filled with beautiful [...]

Did You Show The World A Picture Of Me?

You have just left this world. You are flying through time and space and watching your life fly by. You see your childhood with building forts, pillow fights, bicycle riding, and playing video games for 10 hours. Next you see your teenage years pass by with high school football games, prom, first learning how to drive, [...]

What Holds Us Back In Life

Living and being alive are two totally different things in my book. Living means fully experiencing and engaging in all aspects of your life, and being alive means you are healthy, on the safe path, and functioning. Now which would you rather be? Alive, or Living? To fully live means no more holding back, being afraid, or taking the [...]

Welcome to Live Happily Inked!

Live Happily Inked is all about nourishing your body and soul. You will find blog posts and articles about living and loving through Christ, tips on living a more mindfully happy life, and nourishing your body with delicious foods! Life is full of amazing, wonderful, and beautiful moments, and we were meant to live life [...]

8 Ways To Live A Better Life

1. Be Present Being present is a difficult thing to do. Our world is trained to look to the past on all the mistakes we have made, and look at the future for ways to improve. We rarely stay in the moment with the people we are with, and because of this we miss the [...]

5 Ways To Have A Great Morning

Ok, waking up in the mornings can be daunting. Especially if you were up late and you have only 4 hours of sleep. Or even if you went to bed early and got your 8 hours of sleep, it can still be a difficult getting up! Your bed just seems so inviting and like a [...]

Veggie Chili Soup!

Nothing satisfies a hungry tummy quite like soup or chili... All of the flavors, aromas, and textures keeps my tastebuds happy and nourishes my body. Honestly I eat soup or chili everyday...It's just so good! Anyways, I thought I would share one of my recipes with y'all! So let's get cookin' good lookin'! Ingredients Green Beans [...]

Hiding Our Weaknesses

Alright something I've noticed recently is that no one talks about their weaknesses and no one accepts their weaknesses... We are all attached to our pride and image that we do not want to look vulnerable or pathetic. No one wants to feel overpowered or stupid. No one wants to feel less than special. And [...]

In The Beginning God…

In the beginning God… Not in the beginning man, or in the beginning we, but “In the beginning God.” In this culture we have forgotten about God. We have forgotten out purpose, our duty, and our ways. We have forgotten that God is the sole creator of everything we see, hear, feel, and taste. We have forgotten [...]