For The Love of Grades…

As I was studying for exams, working on presentations, keeping up with homework, working two jobs, and balancing extracurricular activities, I suddenly felt very VERY overwhelmed...Can't imagine why.... But seriously, I was at my breaking point and so stressed about doing well in classes that my mind just completely shut down. It stopped retaining the [...]

Podcast Recommendations- October Edition

Podcasts are a great way to learn something new on the go or to do while cleaning, working out, or getting ready for the day! Honestly it is an easy pick me up because it not only makes you feel empowered, but also gets your creativity going, makes you think, and makes you want to [...]

Fall Shoes!

Fall Shoes!

THESE SHOES Y'ALL. Oh my gosh ok, so I found these shoes at T.J.Maxx for $39 this past week and HOLY COW. They are the most beautiful boots I have ever put on my feet, and they feel amazing! Now that it is fall time in Tennessee, I'll be wearing these like...90% of the time. [...]

Love Does Book Review

Ok Y'all I am so excited to do this book review! It is seriously my all time favorite book to read. Every page is filled with adventure, growth, and joy just oozes out of it. SERIOUSLY GUYS. Love Does by Bob Goff is an amazing book that contains 31 unique stories about Bob Goff, and talking [...]

Violence Creates Violence 

On every social media site, television program, and newspaper all we see nowadays are violence, protests, and people destroying their own cities. Smoke filling the ally's from the fires set by protestors, broken glass on the streets from shattered windows, and fights breaking out just because the other person has a different view point. It is like [...]

To Help Those In Need, Or Not?

We can all help those in need, but we don't always do. We let our pride get in the way of that. I have heard countless times people say, "Well they got themselves there and they are not doing anything about it so it's not my job. They are the ones that need to fix [...]

Writing Letters

Your mailbox is a little house full of hopes, dreams, love, and bills. Mostly bills, but hopefully some love too. This day and age we easily send texts, emails, DM's. We hope for sweet letters as we open our mailbox, and excitement fills our veins when we do recieve them. They are sweet little reminders from loved [...]

Great Websites

Alright, so we all know that the internet has so much information and so many websites that it can be overwhelming at times...So this post is filled with helpful websites on health, food, clothing, devotionals, entertainment and other misc things! It will be continually updated so feel free to check back every once in a [...]

Dwelling With God

Today while walking outside I was caught up in day dreams listening to music. So while I was jamming out, all of the sudden an older man came up next to me briskly walking and as he walked by he joyfully said, "Don't you just love this weather?! I am enjoying this walk so much I [...]

When I Rise

Spending time with our Father in the mornings is essential. It morphs our hearts into the creatures God wants us to be. When we fill our minds with His word, His teachings, His news, and His love, we are then plated up in our armor and ready to take on the world. His Word Guides [...]