Violence Creates Violence 

On every social media site, television program, and newspaper all we see nowadays are violence, protests, and people destroying their own cities. Smoke filling the ally's from the fires set by protestors, broken glass on the streets from shattered windows, and fights breaking out just because the other person has a different view point. It is like [...]

Dwelling With God

Today while walking outside I was caught up in day dreams listening to music. So while I was jamming out, all of the sudden an older man came up next to me briskly walking and as he walked by he joyfully said, "Don't you just love this weather?! I am enjoying this walk so much I [...]

When I Rise

Spending time with our Father in the mornings is essential. It morphs our hearts into the creatures God wants us to be. When we fill our minds with His word, His teachings, His news, and His love, we are then plated up in our armor and ready to take on the world. His Word Guides [...]