Writing Letters

Your mailbox is a little house full of hopes, dreams, love, and bills. Mostly bills, but hopefully some love too. This day and age we easily send texts, emails, DM’s. We hope for sweet letters as we open our mailbox, and excitement fills our veins when we do recieve them. They are sweet little reminders from loved ones that they are thinking about us. It’s kinda funny how something so small can make our days. So why don’t we write more of them?

Mostly out of convience and saving time, and not wanting to have to go buy stamps. But honestly, taking the time out of your day to write a letter, mail it, and surprising your loved one is an easy way to spread kindess and love.

Sending one every now and then is a delicately beautiful small act of kindess. Take the time to handwrite a letter, and send it through the good ol’ snail mail.


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