It is that time of year again! When trees lose leaves and gain glittering lights, when families gather around tables, catching up up with one another, and sharing pure love with one another.

Traditions hold a special place in our hearts. Some traditions like decorating for christmas after thanksgiving, baking a pumpkin pie, traveling to see family, making a gingerbread house and watching Christmas movies just bubble up joy in your heart. But maybe you are tired of the same old same old. You are wanting to add a new tradition or maybe just deviate off the normal path taken. SO below are some ideas to help you find some new traditions.

Soup Kitchen

Helping out at a soup kitchen on a holiday or around the holidays is a great way to give back to the community, humble yourself, and spread love and kindess to people in your town.


Donating clothing, food, and money to charities is another excellent new tradition to add. Just go through your home and PURGE. Anything you do not want or need can be donated to those in need and you can have a decluttered home. Do this every year and free your home from clutter.


Research your local volunteer guide to see if there is an event where you can volunteer your time  during the holidays. There are so many places that need extra help during taking care of people or things in your community, and it could be a fun thing to do with friends and family.


Make baby blankets for the newborn babies at your local hospitals and donate them along with crayons, coloring books, puzzels, games, and toys for the other kids that are staying in the hostpials.

Random Acts Of Kindess

Doing random acts of kindness is a fun thing to do for birthdays and holidays. You could do 1 thing for every year you have lived. (so if you are 21 then do 21 random acts) These acts can be anything from a smile, to hidden nice letters in books at a bookstore, to giving money to a charity. The possibilities to spread love and kindess are endless!


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