3 Ways To Be Intelligent With Your Money

It is almost the start of the new year. A time to reflect on this past year, recharge your spirits, and figure out the things you want to improve on. One thing that I always have as a New Years resolution is to save up money. Yet, year after year I end up spending most of  it and just not being as smart with it as hoped for. As, I was reflected on this predicament, I decided that a change of mindset was needed. After much researching.  I figured out how I could save money. So, below are some tips will hopefully help strengthen you and your relationship with money.  

Watch your words

The foundation of our relationship with money stems from how we speak about it, and how eloquent we are with the topic of money. We need to rewire our minds to be thinking about money as something more than just paper and more as a language. So, instead of saying, “I’m going to save X amount..” , ” I’m going to give X amount to charity…” , or “I am not going to buy X…” Try to say things like, “I plan to hold X amount…” I plan to invest in these items…”, or “I plan to use this money to purchase…”

As weird as that may seem ,it can truly help strengthen your relationship with money, because watching how you speak about money can help you watch how you are utilizing your money.


Piggy Banks

As old school as it may seem, piggy banks are a great way to help you save up money. Go to a local craft store and invest in a few piggy banks. Then decorate each piggy with a theme based on what you plan to use the money for. Some ideas include: concerts, traveling, education, charity, shopping, gifts, stock investments, 401K’s, emergency funds, a new car, or whatever else you want! Being able to divide up your money visually, can help you mentally. So instead of having one savings account at a bank, you now can see were your money is going towards and are less likely to overspend or impulse buy.

Having multiple piggy banks definitely helps me see where I am investing my money and helps me keep track of it. It is so easy to just dip into a single savings account and overspend, but when you split your money into different areas you are able to understand the effects of taking the extra money out.


Write It Out

Write out how much you want to save, and explain why you want to save that amount. You can do this for everything you want to save for, and this will help ingrain your subconscious with the reasoning behind controlling the inflow and outflow of money. It will help tie feelings and images to the action of saving, which will help you see a clearer picture of the process.

If you want to take it a step further, then post the piece of paper somewhere you will look at it. That way you are keeping yourself focused!



-I hope these tips help you strengthen your relationship with money. Have a kind, joyful, and loving New Year.-







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