Yay for Monday!!!

I think it is time for a change… A big change…A HUGE change. We need to change our attitudes about Monday’s. Monday’s should be exciting and full of wonder and wide starried eyed curiousity as for what the week will bring. Sadly, most of society dreads Monday and looks at it with soft sunken eyes. So why and how can we change our attitudes?

First off, how cool is it to have one or two days set aside for fun and enjoyment? It truly is a great gift that helps us explore the world, hang out with other souls, and just enjoy life. I cannot help but feel so grateful to have days were I have no work or classes, because it gives me a chance to grow my other passions and enjoy every minute of life given to me by God. We take the days for granted so quickly, and forget how lucky we are to have days off were we can go explore and enjoy life. Everyday we are gifted, every breath we are given, and every moment is precious and we should be filled with joy and excitement to experience it. I mean we are floating on a giant rock, thats floating in space, that if it moves too far from or too close to the sun we would all be nonexistent. Like, come on…THAT’S AMAZING!!!

So what are some things we can do to help mend our relationship with Monday back together?

Be Active

Starting your exercise schedule on Monday will help you be more focused, eneregized, and confident for the rest of the week. It sets the tone for how disciplined you will be with yourself when it comes to not feeling like doing something.

Get Some Rest

Go to bed early on Sunday and rest up to the amount of hours that your body feels most optimal with. That could be 5 hours, 8 hours, or even 12 hours!

Schedule Something Fun 

Schedule something fun to do for Monday’s! That could be date night, movie night, going out to eat, shopping. your favorite workout class, cleaning/ organizing, or even game night! Do something that you will look forward too and only do it on Monday’s.

Stay Organized

Being organized will help you declutter your mind and outline your week. This will help you be less stressed and more focuseed. Organizing  is the secert that will help you get stuff done!

Hopefully these few tips will help you and your life’s journey. So get up and go love this Monday and all the Monday’s to come!!!

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