Top 5 Study Tips

Exam season is here and in full force. Oh joy. But not to worry! I have complied the top 5 study tips and how to make exams suck less! Hopefully these help you during finals week and keep you going strong. Summer is almost here, you got this. Write It, Read It, Watch It.  This [...]

Best Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty products are becoming more popular as we consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals and  junk that companies use in beauty products. But with so many new organic, natural, and less chemically produced products how do you know which ones are good and worth the money? Lucky for you, I have compiled [...]

He Is King

Jesus spent His life loving, healing, welcoming,  and forgiving others.Our God was born into this world in a barn among the animals and dirt with people already out to kill him. He walked this earth sharing the good news of eternal life filled with pure love and joy and people still wanted Him gone. The [...]

Finding The Good In The World

Finding the good in the world has become more and more difficult the past few years. Almost everything on the news nowadays is related to tragedy, heartbreak, and loss. It feels like we are in a perpetual state of grieving. We do not really hear a ton of news or read a ton of news articles [...]

Live Happily Inked Artwork

On this page you will find all of my watercolor artwork! **Updated on February 8th, 2018 If you want to purchase a painting feel free to message me!

5 Tips For A Happy & Fresh Spring

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means?! Spring cleaning, flowers blooming, and warmer temperatures. So with a new season ahead what all can we do to make the most of it? Out With The Old There is not a more perfect time to get rid of clutter your home/life and donate things you do not [...]