Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy In College

Staying healthy in college is a challenge for most college students, and fears of gaining the freshman 15 are enviable....And as a soon to be graduate, I thought I would list out the top 5 health tips that made the most difference for me while in college! Walk It Out If you don't feel like [...]

GOOP Clean Beauty Book Review

  Hello everyone!!! So I finally got my Monday YouTube Video up, YAY!!! This week I am talking about the GOOP Clean Beauty Book, and why it is the great make up and beauty book ever. Seriously in love with this book. THANK YOU GOOP TEAM!!!! GCBB is a beautiful book and has amazing and [...]

Juggling Work and College

Jugging work and college is a difficult task to do....I am on my last semester of college, and I have pretty much worked every semester of my college career. It's definitely been a struggle figuring out how to balance work, classes, social life, and keeping my relationship with God strong. The biggest test was when [...]

Pacifica Beauty Product Review Video!

Hellooooo! Ok, so I started a YouTube Channel for product reviews now! I'll be posting videos every Monday (that is the goal) and hopefully they will help you all find better and cleaner products to use in your everyday life! If you all have any suggestions or want me to review a brand you have [...]

Do You Rely On You, Or God?

I am the worst when it comes to personal life difficulties. I can help everyone through their problems and when they need guidance, but I have to hide away for days when I'm faced with massive choices and challenges. For example, with my college career coming to a close, I am faced with some hard [...]