Decorating A Small Space

okay WOOOOOOWW it has officially been a year since I moved into my own apartment….It’s so crazy how time flies.. BUT after a year of making this place my home, I wanted to share what it looks like and how to make the most out of a studio apartment!

1. Plants

Plants are a MUST. Real or fake they are a must. I use fake plants because of my allergies, but they still bring life into a small space. Just having a few little succulents disbursed around your space makes a huge difference in your mood, the feel of your home, and they don’t take up a lot of space! Plants are especially needed in studio apartments, because staying in such a small space for extended periods of time can easily get you stir crazy. So having tiny plants everywhere make you feel a little more connected to the outside world when you have to stay home.

2. General Theme

Having a theme in your apartment is more important than one would think. This tiny space needs a color scheme or theme to help it feel and appear larger than it really is. It needs fluidity and consistency in some way or else it will just look cluttered and cramped. If you want a more colorful home, then go with neutral colored linens.

3. Separate Each Space

This is soooooooo important. If you live in a studio apartment you need to figure out a way to separate your bedroom and living area. I’ve seen people use curtains to separate the areas and I’ve also seen people use room dividers. What I chose to do was to separate the rooms by using furniture. I used my couch to separate my living room and then put my desk on the backside of the couch. you don’t want to just have one big bed room or one big living room because it can make you less productive and proactive in your day to day life. Having seperate areas to sleep, work, eat, and socialize in will make your studio feel more spacious and help you use the space wisely.

4. Less Is More

The less decor, trinkets, and just stuff will also help make your apartment feel more spacious and less constricting. Every 3 months I go through my entire apartment and declutter. I get rid of a ton of clothes, books, office supplies, an things that are not necessary. It has made cleaning easier and knowing that my space is so small I’m not tempted to by home decor and random small things. So yay to saving money!!

5. Tape & Tacks

Tape & tacks will be your new best friends…Seriously everything on my walls have been hung up by using either tape or a ton of tacks. Both are cheap, not very damaging to the wall, easy to use, and quiet for those late night redecorating sessions. Tacts are incredibly strong and hold up all my frames. Tape is great for putting pictures without frames, artwork, and posters on walls and are super easy to take off! just make sure to get the name brand tape because the off brand ones do keep pictures held up well…

I bought most of my home decor from Target, Marshall’s, Homegoods, At Home,  Michael’s, and T.J. Maxx! They all have so many beautiful and high quality decorations for cheap. (again yay for saving money!) And all the artwork you see was done by me (which I also sell!)

I hope this helps you in some way or another with your future home decorating and continue spreading love, joy, and kindness by Living a life Happily Inked by God’s love!

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