Love Like Jesus

Loving the way Jesus loves is something that we are taught from the beginning of our journey with Christ. It is something that is imprinted on our hearts and we spend our entire lives trying to do, but heavily struggle with.

Loving the way Jesus does used to confuse me. I never really new what it meant to love like Jesus, but I knew it was a good thing to go for so i went for it blindly. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally realized what it meant to love like Jesus. And it wasn’t until now that it finally sunk in what it looks like…

1. Compassion

Loving the way Jesus did means giving compassion to everyone. Every. Single. Person. That means the bad guys, the people that annoy you, and so on. The Bible shows us this when Jesus is dying on the cross and while being ridiculed says,

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34.

He saw how broken the world had made us, and knew that showing us that kind of compassion to the world would bring so much of God’s love to us.

2. Pure

The love that Jesus had for people was pure. It wasn’t tainted with His own desires, but instead it was illuminated by Him wanting the best outcome for us. He understood that pure love is something that is unearthly, from God, and unbreakable. The Bible shows is a picture of this through Christ dying on the cross for not Himself, but for us. He wanted to give us the chance to be with love. To be with God. In our everyday lives, a pure love looks like us caring for, helping, and being there for someone without wanting anything in return. And being totally happy with it. No “well where’s my thank you?!” Or ” wow, not even an acknowledgement?” Pure love does not need to be recognized. It just needs to be given.

3. Fearless

Jesus loved us without reservation and without fear. Today we are so fearful of what others will say or think of us. Because let’s be honest, loving the way Jesus did is weird and overwhelming. It’s a strong love that has this undeniable presence, and it can make people take a step back from you. But Jesus never feared what people thought of Him. He never second guested giving God’s love to everyone. He didn’t ask why. He just loved.

I find myself questioning if I should reach out to someone, or show a stranger an immediately devoted and unconditional love.

It’s so hard to not want to be fearful about it, because you think “does this make me look weird? Am I scaring them away? Why should I love them if they are just going to leave?” But when just thoughts start to form, just think “Don’t ask why. Just love.” And just Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love.

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