Beautiful Distractions

I am so glad God is a “come back to me” kind of love. Honestly, I have been so distracted lately, and not in God’s presence. With working a full time job and part time job and then working odd jobs…. It’s safe to say my mind has been elsewhere, and that’s not a good feeling.  It’s not that I haven’t had time, it’s just that when I come home I feel like doing nothing. I literally will sit on my couch thinking about how much I want to just open up my bible and spend time with Him, but I end up watching T.V and getting distracted. I’ve noticed my prayers getting shorter and my mind thinking less about Him. Getting distracted is just so easy to do nowadays with T.V., social media, and music and it’s so hard to stay focused. It’s hard to not be caught up in the world.Through this tumultuous time, I have found 3 things to be true…

Life gets really busy if you let it. For the longest time I thought that life after college is less hectic and busy, but boy was I wrong….Once you are out on your own it is all up to you on how you spend your time. You are finally living your life, and that’s an amazing gift, but learning how to step away from the busyness of life is a skill that many of us are weak in. Busyness is something we let happen when we start saying yes to too many things. Even if they are good things, sometimes you need to step back and slow down.

Life becomes what you prioritize. Do you prioritize sleep? Eating Healthy? Working out? Spending time with friends? Whatever it may be that you prioritize in life, your life starts to revolve around that thing. Whether it’s getting healthy, becoming wealthy, being social, or being more spiritual your decision on how to use your time is what ends up defining what matters in your life.  You can of course have more than one priority, but in the end there is one that is more important to you.

Give love. I have found this to be the most profound part of distractions. Distractions are perfect for blocking the gifts that God gives us. Particularly love. Giving love looks like helping you enemies, forgiving those that hurt you, and being there for someone. Not just someone you know, but also strangers. Go volunteer for 2 hours and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll feel God’s love overflow from your chest and cover the room with love. You’ll see how giving your time and love for 2 hours can change someones life.

I have definitely stumbled the past few months in upholding my relationship with God.But that’s what makes God’s love so beautiful. No matter how many times I come sprinting back to His presence, He still welcomes me with the same incredible love. The love that welcomes me and you home. And that is the kind of love that lets you Live Happily Inked.

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