Book Review: Everybody Always By Bob Goff

If you know me, you know Bob Goff is my all time favorite author. His book Love Does is one that I read every year (sometimes twice a year) because it’s just that good. Well Everybody Always, is going to be another one of those books I devour over and over again. Love Does is the book that inspired me to write this whole Live Happily Inked blog and to really pursue loving people like Jesus did. Bob’s life stories that he tells in both books are just so relatable, and filled with “Ah-ha!” moments. Those “Ah-ha” moments are the kind that change your mindset and life.

The Author

If you do not know Bob Goff, you need to get to know him ASAP. He is filled with so much  of Christ’s love, light, and understanding. He is the best friend you never knew you needed. It is so clear that God speaks love into this man’s life, and he in turn teaches us how to love like Jesus. His books are filled with hilariously relatable stories, and awe-inspiring stories. To the readers they are just stories that open our eyes, but to Bob Goff they are his life stories. Bob is a lawyer, lecturer at Pepperdine Law School, writer, adventurer, and most importantly he is an everyday guy that just wants to spread God’s love. He is a guy that takes “living life to the fullest” to heart.

Everybody Always 

Everybody Always is about becoming love in a world that is full of setbacks and difficult people. And I don’t know about you, but I could use some help in the loving difficult people department. This book is a simple and quick read, so great for all you busy people out there. Like Love Does, each chapter is a new story that Bob has lived through. The genuine honesty flows out from each page, and God’s love overflows from each story.

This is the type of book you can read 100 times and still find it enjoyable and true. It is the perfect book to give to your friends, family, strangers….just everybody. Honest to goodness this book is great to read for entertainment, self-help, motivation, or even as a guide to loving everybody always. (see what I did there).

A book like Everybody Always is one that has the ability to change peoples lives in a significant way. It’s the kind of book that helps you realize what Jesus is always talking about in the Bible, and what Living a life Happily Inked by God’s love looks like. You can find Everybody Always at most major bookstores, Amazon, Love Does website, and probably in my car. Happy Reading!!

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