Use Your Gifts.


I have been thinking a lot lately on who I really am and who I am supposed to be. Should I go to this job, should I try that job, what if I mess up… Then I end up stopping myself because my heart starts to take over and it starts feeling less safe and more out there. Then, one day I started to question things. Like, why am I so scared of going after what’s ingrained in me? Why do I keep denying this?

It’s incredibly intricate how God has created us all with beautiful different gifts that all originate back to one purpose. God gives us gifts to help us through this first chapter of life. He gives some the gift of creating, some the gift of healing, some the gift of wisdom, and so on. He gives us the wondrous gifts, but somehow we lose sight of how these gifts are intertwined with our purpose.

So many of us get caught up in wanting to be wealthy or loved by people, and we end up losing our uniquely gorgeous lives. We become afraid of what others will think when we try to go after our dreams and gifts. We get scared of failing. I struggle with this everyday. Trying to pursue the things that set a fire in my heart, and wanting to not look weird to others. But the crazy thing is, when we start pursuing our gifts and working on our gifts, you start to care less about what others think. Because deep inside you know what you were meant to do, and the only one that is truly stopping you is yourself.  

You have one life. Just. One. The good news is that to get the most out of your one life you don’t have to get it all perfectly right! It’s okay to fail, so don’t let that be a factor your pursuit. Because at least you know you gave it your all, and who knows… you could have impacted someone that you had no idea was watching you. You can inspire people by just being your true self. Not the self you think the world wants.

Be your authentic self. Use the gifts that God Gave you to create a Life Happily Inked by God’s love. Being you and using your gifts will bring more happiness, love, kindness, color, and joy to this world that it so desperately needs.

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