What Is A Good Life?


The American culture is one that is driven by materialism and consumerism . The ads, the stores at every corner, and people saying, “You need this in your life!” is over and underwhelming. Overwhelming because if we are not able to get this certain product we are not being successful. It’s also underwhelming because it’s so unfulfilling. Living to buy things is a pretty empty and boring life to live and to live for a job that you don’t love is a missed life.

Unfortunately this kinda of life is one we mistake as a good and full life. Why? Because the more money you make, the more things you buy, the more likes you get, and the more successful you are the better you life seems. It is so numbing to the heart but so easy to follow because we are constantly being told to follow that kind of life. But our lives were not meant to be revolved around money or things. We aren’t meant to wake up to go to a job we hate In order to “make it big”. We were not meant to live to buy things. We are meant to love others, give to others, give kindness and compassion to people, and to live in God’s love. Somehow we’ve skewed having money and things with living a good life, and it’s messing with our souls big time. 

Look at society today. It’s a MESS. A complete mess. Instead of striving to build each other up to great love we walk in selfish deceit and destruction of others. We are jealous instead of joyous. We are hateful instead of loving. We are deaf and blind to hearing and seeing others in need. We have the ability to do so much good and give so much of God’s love away. With all of the distractions we are faced with each day, we lose sight of what a good life actually is.

Life is meant to be filled with community, love, giving, and kindness and however you build that kind of life is a good one. If it means living a quite life, a public life, or a nomadic kind of life then live it. Live a life that brings joy to your heart and the people you meet on that journey will be filled with that same radiant joy.

So what does living a good life mean to you? For me, it’s living a quiet live a life of serving others through creating. For someone else it maybe to live a life of serving others through business, building, health, or teaching. Whatever your path is, I pray it’s a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love. I pray that it’s a good life you that you have been given to live. 


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