Insecurities & Loving Yourself

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Mix insecurities, rejection, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence all together you have one big mess called the last 4 years of my life. When you have low self- confidence, everything is a struggle. Social settings, work, shopping, you name it and anxiety and fear are written all over it. You feel uncomfortable and uneasy and basically you just want to go home to hide in your room away from the world. Yay.

The only plus side to insecurities are that they give you a chance to grow love for yourself. Which, loving yourself is hard nowadays because of all the ads you see about”why you need this too look pretty”, “lose weight now”, “Here’s how to look perfect in photos”, and you get my drift. It is crazy, because deep down you know how awesome you are and how loved you are by God yet these words and ads have this grasp on you. The standards of society just have too strong of a hold on your heart.

Taking the world’s word more heavily than God’s word is a dangerous way to live. So what do you do about it? What can one do to get out of these insecurities and go towards loving yourself more?

  1. Wake Up To Jesus. This is the most crucial and vital step in the process of loving yourself.When you spend time with the one who died for you, because he knew how incredibly beautiful you are…it makes your intentions and love more pure of Christ based. Make your foundations strong in your self-love journey. Be the person you know that God has created you to be. As Maria Goff says in her book Love Lives Here, “When you are your authentic self, you allow others to be themselves , too.”
  2. Sweat. Sweating is soooo good for you because you will release so much stress, tension, and build up your self-esteem. Sweating makes you feel productive and proactive about taking care of yourself. You will have a healthy and gorgeous glow to you and your body will be swirling with endorphins. When we work out and break a good drench sweat, it’s the most invigorating feeling ever, because you are seeing a direct result of taking care of you amazing body.
  3. Eat Well. Eating well not only makes your body feel good and run efficiently, but it will make your mind and thoughts feel less weighted down.
  4. Write or Draw. Sometimes you just need to get it all on paper and think through these feelings. Where are they coming from? What’s the cause of you feeling less than beautiful? How can you love yourself more? Write your answers out and think these through. Understand where your thoughts are coming from, accept them, and grow from them.
  5. Talk To Someone. Sometimes you need to talk it out with a close friend. They are the ones that will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Or if you just want someone to listen to you vent out your frustrations then this would be the person to go with. Whatever you may need, sometimes venting it out helps 10000%.
  6. Be Kind. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. When you give love to others, you feel more love to give. We are creatures that were made in love and made for love. Being kind to yourself and others helps you see the world in God’s view.

It is so easy to get caught up in exceptions. Be confident in yourself. Be true to yourself. Be authentic to yourself. Let love be what you dress yourself with. Give God your insecurities and go Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love.

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