Step Away

Lately, I have been feeling such an incredible need to step away from everything and everyone. To leave the world for a few days and just be…. Away from the notifications, the emails, the texts, the calls, the constant bombardment of ads, and the never ending ways of the world.

It feels like the world is incredibly saturated with constant piercing screams to grab my attention. It’s stressful, intense, and crippling to be constantly on and attached to the world and not ideal. Through all of this unnecessary noise, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Our minds were not created to know as many people as we do now. With social media we see photos and videos of thousands of people lives. Or at least the “highlights” of their lives. It’s a constant battle in our minds of trying to prove our lives are just as great and amazing as that person and trying to remember that it’s just a small highlight/possibly not even real.

It’s hard to disconnect in our culture and you are often looked down upon when you do try to disconnect from everything. People think something is wrong with you, you’re inconveniencing them, and you’re just trying to be different…when the truth is that you are just trying to lessen the noise and step away from constant engagement for your own well-being.

Personally, I just want to step away from it all for a few days. Listen to music, read, draw, paint, and be in nature. To be away from all distractions and just reconnect with my mind and spirit and reconnect with God. But that’s easier said than done. So what are things that can be done to start quieting the world and reconnecting with yourself?

1. Shut off your phone for one day a week. Tell your boss, parents, friends, etc that your phone is off and won’t be on until the next day. That way they don’t freak out when you don’t respond… also another conversation for another time.

2. Turn off from social media for the day. Take a break from the perfect images.

3. Read a book that pulls your entire being in. For me, I’ve been reading philosophy type books from C.S.Lewis and Aristotle. Find a book or authors that make you lose track of time.

4. Stay in. We have endless todo lists that run our lives so sometimes we need to remember to take a day to stay home. You can rest, listen to great music, read, watch your favorite movie, and keep away from your phone. Great to do on one of the no phone days.

5. Be intentional about what you do with your time. When you begin to understand that we have only a finite amount of time here, you begin to give that precious time to the more important things in your life.

All in all, take time to step away from the world. Reconnect with yourself and with God. Doing so will help you Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love.

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