Ask For Wonder, Lose Comfort.

We live in an age where we heavily rely on graphs, facts, and science to tell us how things work. We want to know the whys and hows of everything as quick as possible and then move on to the next area of our life. Consuming information as quickly as possible and bypassing the curiosity and wonder because we have “better things to do with our time”. We are creatures that were made to wonder and crave to know things. Now with having any piece of knowledge we want at the touch of a button we have lost a part of ourselves and one of the best parts of being in a relationship with God. We’ve lost our wonder and opted for comfort.

For instance, instead of going to God when we are curious about something we immediately go to our phones to get the answer. Don’t get me wrong, technology is wonderful and has had so many benefits to the world. But it also has this huge pitfall of making us rely on it. Truthfully, technology has become our God. We go to our phones to feel connected people. To feel worth. To feel accepted. To feel seen. In one swipe we can find someone new to entertain us for awhile and make us feel something. But then when things go bad or if it takes a little more work than you want to put in, it’s back to finding someone else. Because the world is at your fingertips.

Through our loss of wonder and need for comfort, We have mixed up two very different and significant words. Love and Lust. Love has turned into this mythical creature and lust has been brought to the forefront of our hearts. We are unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and uninterested. We do not know how to love anymore. We know how to lust. Lust if full of entertainment, excitement, and the immediacy. Love is full of patience, persistence, whimsey, and wonder. Love is God. God is love.

“As civilization advances the sense of wonder declines” we become immune to God’s creation.

Rabbi Herschel

We become blind, and can no longer see through God’s lens of love and patience. Cars have taken us away from the beautiful journey of walking through nature to see His glory. Grocery stores have taken us away from the dedication, love, and care of growing food and being able to provide for one another. We live in constant bombardment of companies trying to grab your attention, and at the end of the day we barely have any mental capacity left to create, provide, give thanks, and wonder.

God lives in this world. God dwells in us. He is with us all the time, but we are so bound to our todos that we miss his blatant presence. We mistake beautiful glimpses of God answering our prayers for things such as coincidences and random instances. His love and beauty are in the rags of the poor and the cracks of the broken. We see the poor and think of them as unclean animals to ignore. We see the broken as people that lost control of themselves. We see the hurt as people that were dumb enough to put themselves in that situation.

It’s in the magnificent sunsets of the skies and the sweet whispers of loved ones that we mainly see and hear God’s love. But open your eyes and see that God is right next to you in the dirty rags. He is in every facet of the earth healing, restoring, and loving. He’s there in the bustling of people, aromas of flowers, and the soft golden light that streams through leaves. Just stop and breathe His presence in. Lose the comfort of this world. Ask for wonder.