The Fear of Rejection

It is hard to grasp the fact that each of us is enough as our broken and messed up selves. We feel the need to be perfect for others, because if we can’t give our best self then what is the point? “It will just bring more hurt to me if I open up and I would just rather fix it myself…It would be much less complicated and probably easier for everyone that way.” -me to myself. 

We don’t want to bring people into our own mess so we try to isolate our self and work through it alone. We feel if we aren’t our best selves then why let another person in. Why do we do that? Why do we always try to isolate ourselves? Well…often when our lives hit the fan it brings out our fears of rejection. Especially from the ones we know, love, and care about. 

These are the facts:

You are enough.

Your heart is good.

You at your lowest can bring out love at its highest.

You will move mountains with the freedom pure love brings.

Your darkest thoughts, actions, ideas, and habits are fully loved.

Each facet of your heart (good and bad) are loved. 

We all fear being rejected for our true selves (especially the darker sides) so to save ourselves we put the walls up and masks on as protection mechanisms…but that just backfires because we are creatures that need community and support. So that “protection” is actually what prevents us from the freedom of love we all seek. The kind of love that is strong, unwavering, and never-ending. The kind of love that loves you at your darkest and lowest state to your highest and most beautiful state.But that kind of love is never fully found until we let the right person or people in. 

Many of us will try to open up, but we open up to the wrong person. So instead of finding the support and love we were looking for we received more hurt and rejection. Then with that rebirth of the rejection of our true messed up selves it makes us even more closed off to letting others in. It is important to open up to the right person and/or people because they will either help you are harm you. 

The right person will:

Speak love back into you 

Speak truth kindly 

Build you and others back up

The fear of rejection can make you miss out on some incredibly freeing love. God often gives this kind of love by using freely loving people. It may be your spouse, your friend, or a stranger. But you will know who that person is because they overflow with an otherworldly love. Their essence is God’s love. And one day when your fear of rejection is gone you will have an otherworldly love. Your essence will be God’s love. Now go out and Live a life Happily Inked by God’s love. 

For someone who is helping: Give more unusual patience. Give more unconditional love. For someone who needs help: Take the mask off. Push the walls down.