Set Apart, Not Aside


To be set aside is once if the worse feelings in human nature. To be set aside is like saying you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, or even just enough. It’s lonely, painful and nothing about being set aside is good. However, to be set apart is something different…

To be set apart means you are special, unique, and one-of-a-kind. It means that you are so incredibly valuable and irreplaceable. To know that you are set apart is a scary, wonderful, amazing, and sometimes lonely.

God has called us to be different from the world. He often shows us in the Bible that being set apart is not the same as being set aside and it is not the same as being forgotten. Something that the Lord has placed on my heart recently is that just because my prayers are not being answered right away does not mean they are being set aside. It just means God is setting me apart for something different at the moment.

What I think my life should look like is something far different from what God is telling me. And that honestly is scary. Scary because God’s vision for my life is unknown, and my vision for my life is known. But to be used by God we have to be set apart from the world…And to be set apart from the world, you have to go through some major soul changing.

You learn through the process of giving your life to God that you may feel alone. You may feel forgotten by people or forgotten by the world. But the amazing thing is that you begin to realize that being forgotten by God is far worse. He is taking the worldliness out of your heart, and filling it up with His goodness and love. That loneliness you use to feel begins to fade away and diminish. Out of that loneliness in your life, God’s presence manifests and grows. Feeling different from the world you see and know becomes the anchor to your soul.

It’s amazing that He wants to use us, but it’s also a little frightening when that change happens. It’s frightening because God has no boundaries. He is limitless and endlessly powerful. The the mind and soul cannot even begin to fathom how incredible God is. But I’ve learned that God recognizes fear, and meets us with grace. Some of us will deal with these fears alone while others will deal with them publicly. Either way God humbles us and shows us why His plans are better than our own. So, while we may feel like we are being set aside in some situation of life, He is actually setting us apart.

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