8 Ways To Live A Better Life

fullsizeoutput_28fe.jpeg1. Be Present

Being present is a difficult thing to do. Our world is trained to look to the past on all the mistakes we have made, and look at the future for ways to improve. We rarely stay in the moment with the people we are with, and because of this we miss the beautiful moments that happen in life. Whether it is funny joke, a kind look, an amazing trick, or finding out an interesting new fact about someone we miss out on these moments because we get too busy thinking about things that have happened and things that you have no idea are going to happen.

2. Figure Out Your Life’s Purpose

This can be a long journey. To figure out your life’s purpose you need to explore the things you are talented and naturally good at. It helps if, once you have an idea of what those things are, you ask your close friends and family members what they think you are good at and talents are. Explore those ideas further by reading about them, practicing them, and learning as much as you can about those skills. Next figure out if you could make a living or how you could use those talents/skills to impact the world. We were given our talents for a reason. So why do we waste them by doing things that we don’t love doing?

Click here to watch an inspirational and motivating video about using your dreams and ideas.

3. Get Out of Your Box

This one is simple. Just switch it up! Get outside of your comfort zone a few times a month. Doing so recharges your mind and soul, and you stay interested and active in life. This could be anywhere from going on a road trip to eating something you have never had before.

4. Be Active

You hear time and time again that being active has a ton of benefits, and you know what…It’s true! Being active in life helps you experience life in all of it’s wonders. Being active does not just meant working out five times a week or being a great basketball player or runner. Being active means getting up off the couch and experiencing life. So going out to a farmer’s market, a festival, hiking, sightseeing, going to dinner with friends, etc. Being active makes you live in the moment. So through these experiences you have you learn a great deal about yourself, others, and the world.

5. Don’t Worry 

You know that song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”….well in all seriousness DON’T worry, and BE happy. Worrying causes us to run away from our potential because we worry about what other people think, we worry about failure, and we worry that we will look dumb, or that something bad will happen. Worry is an easy escape if you want to play life safely. Worry hinders us.

Not worrying also goes back to not being afraid of failure. Failure is going to happen, and it must happen if we want to grow as individuals. So don’t worry about falling flat on your face. Be fearless of failure. Also, do not be afraid of what others will think of you. This causes so many issues in itself that we ultimately self destruct ourselves and never live fully to our potential.

6. Date Yourself

Dating yourself is SO important. When you are going into relationship after relationship you can forget who you are as an individual because you are used to living with and for someone else. It is so important to know yourself fully and love yourself fully, because doing so helps give you self confidence, and the ability to truly love someone else for who they are. Date yourself. Figure out your likes, dislikes, things you loath, things you love, things that break your heart and things that mold your heart. Doing so will help you be more in tune with your body and soul.

7. Be Selfless 

Give to others. Serve others. Be humble. Be selfless. Being selfless keeps our egos in check and our hearts in a loving position. When we help others grow and live, we nurture our souls as well. So give to others and help others grow to be all they are meant to be.

8. Live Colorfully

You can’t paint a picture of life without using all of the colors in the rainbow. Life is full of so many beautiful colors, even the dark ones. We need each and every color to shape us into the people we are meant to be. So go out and live a colorfully full life. Make the painting of your life vibrant and joyous.

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