3 Lessons From Adopting A Dog

Dogs are the best. They love you with an unconditional love that is so pure and sweet and they live their entire lives loving you, waiting for you, and wanting nothing more than your attention…and food. Haha! The more I got to thinking about a dog’s love, I saw glimpses of God’s love. Not only is God’s love pure, sweet, and unconditional (to a MUCH deeper extent). But God lives his existence loving us, waiting for us, and only wanting our whole attention and heart. I have often heard that dogs are great teachers and it wasn’t until I adopted a dog that I fully understood what that meant.


This was one of the main reasons I adopted a dog. I wanted to start giving my time to something that made me be a less selfish person. I have been by myself for 5 years and had devoted it to working on myself, but I realized that I was at a point in my growing that called for living less selfishly. Giving up my time to give to another, using my living to benefit something other than myself, and giving love to something that needed it.

Marley is teaching me how to live for others and get out of the habit of living for myself. It’s exercised when we go on TONS of walks early and late in the day, taking her to the vet, proper nutrition, and making sure she feels loved.

Being Better At Finances

I wasn’t really expecting that adopting a dog would make me better at finances…Truthfully I am not the best at finances, because I have a hard time saving money and a slight fear of being controlled by money. (weird but true) So adopting a dog has made me want to save money and hustle even more because I want to be able to be financially stable eventually buy a home. Being in control of my finances and being a BOSS. Basically Marley helped me get over the fear of finances.

Work Life Balance

When I adopted Marley I 100% wanted a dog to help me get a better handle on creating a work life balance. I am a recovering workaholic and it takes everything in me not to work constantly. It’s not due to stress thankfully. It is just because I love my career and want to continually grow. But I realized last year that I needed to have life outside of work. It would help me be more creative, rested, think clearer, and just help me enjoy life outside of work!

What lessons have you learned form adopting/owning a dog? Comment below!

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