5 Tips For A Happy & Fresh Spring


Spring has sprung, and you know what that means?! Spring cleaning, flowers blooming, and warmer temperatures. So with a new season ahead what all can we do to make the most of it?

Out With The Old

There is not a more perfect time to get rid of clutter your home/life and donate things you do not use or need than spring. So go through your things and place them in boxes to be donated. Most of us have way too many things, and it clutters up our life. Go through and purge, and feel the openness and freeing feeling of not having so much clutter in your life.

Eat Fresh

Spring brings an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. For a light lunch try preparing a delicious and wholesome salad. For breakfast or a snack try making a refreshing smoothie bowl or ice cream made from frozen bananas! Take advantage of the new seasons fruits and vegetables, and feed your body with nutrients and real foods.

Clean Up Your Beauty Products

Take a look at the products you are using and see if they are truly clean and not full of harsh chemicals. Unsure of what skin care products are clean? Take a look at my review of Yes To products! Juice Beauty is another fantastic clean cosmetic brand. Old makeup products? Throw them out! The things you put on your skin seep into your body, so it is always a great idea to watch the chemicals that you are using on your skin.

Fresh Air

Let the windows and  doors swing wide open to bring the fresh air in. Let the windows down in your car as you drive, breathe in and feel the fresh air that is all around you. We have been breathing in stuffy or ice cold air for a few months, so the warmer air of spring is a lovely welcome.

Live Simply 

By this, I mean to not live for things. Go out and enjoy nature and culture. Go out and experience the world’s story, and enjoy the simplicity of just being alive. Go on a hike or a walk around the park, go browse cute little shops, go to farmers markets, go spend time with loved ones, go watch the sunset and sunrise, and go enjoy every breath of life that you are given.


**I am not affiliated or sponsoring any brands in this post, I just simply love those brands, and hope they bring wellness into your life as they have mine.

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