An Adventure of A Lifetime

 ” To Live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

This past summer was one for the books. Many of you know my favorite band is Coldplay, because they really are the greatest band in the world…Hands down…don’t deny it. Anyways! When I found out that they were going on tour in the U.S. I freaked! My step father and I bought floor seats for the Chicago, IL show in July the minute they went on sale, and it was on. So come time for the concert we drove all the way up from Knoxville to Chicago. We toured the city all day and then it was concert time.


All Photos Taken By Michelle Cosse

Unfortunately, severe storms came in and delayed the concert for 2 hours, but thankfully it cleared up. Mid-way through the most incredible concert came another storm, and they had to cancel the rest of the show. But before everyone was released, the band played one more song and it was the most energized, fun, and incredible experiences of my life. Everyone was so soaked, but we could care less because dancing with Coldplay in a severe storm was just incredible. As everyone was leaving the crowd began singing Coldplay’s Viva La Vida song. That was hilarious and also wonderful. My step father and I made the 30 minute walk from Soldier Field to our hotel in the pouring rain, and we were both beaming from excitement from the concert.

Taken a the Chicago Show by Michelle Cosse

Come a week later my step father, me, and my friend Lindsay went to another Coldplay concert in Louisville, Ky. Lucky for us it was indoors this time! Our seats were so close to the stage and we sang and danced along with the band yet again. Another amazing concert had us so wired that we decided to drive back home that night. We arrived back to her house at 4:30 am, slept for 3 hours, then went to work for a 9 hour shift at the pool grille. We were tired and loopy but still astounded and excited that we got to see Coldplay.

Taken at the Kentucky Concert by Michelle Cosse
Taken at the Kentucky Concert by Michelle Cosse
Taken at the Kentucky Concert by Michelle Cosse

Then about a week after the Louisville concert, my step father said he wanted to go to another Coldplay concert! Sadly the nearest one was in Philadelphia. So we didn’t go…….Just kidding we went! We drove up from Knoxville to Philly the day of the concert, danced and sang with Coldplay and thousands of others again, and drove right back to Knoxville the same night. We were up for almost 32 hours straight, but it was all so worth it..By far it was the coolest 3 weeks ever.

Taken at the Philadelphia Concert by Michelle Cosse

I had experienced so much life in those three weeks that when I came back to the “real world” it was hard to take, because I had learned what life should be like. It should be about experiencing crazy, cool, wild, and exciting moments. It should be about going on adventures, meeting new people, engaging with people you love, dancing and singing in a storm with 54,000 other people, and it should be about living.

You can choose to exist, or you can choose to experience the beauty and wonder of life. Go after the things and experiences that make you happy and that make you feel alive. If you want to be with someone, go somewhere, or do something then make the time for it. You are the one that controls what gets your precious time. You are the one that chooses to say yes to something that could be incredible.


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