Best Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty products are becoming more popular as we consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals and  junk that companies use in beauty products. But with so many new organic, natural, and less chemically produced products how do you know which ones are good and worth the money? Lucky for you, I have compiled my favorite natural/ organic beauty products into one article! So, I hope this helps you in your journey to a healthier you!


Shea Moisture is by far my favorite Shampoo and Conditioner brand. My hair has never felt softer and smells absolutely AMAZING every time I use it. Shea Moisture is great for many different hair  types, and is especially great for dry hair, curly hair, and thick hair. I have thin – medium hair, and by just using shampoo it works beautifully.

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I absolutely love Shea Moisture soap and Juice Beauty‘s Hydrating Cleanser Kit. My skin is super sensitive to everything, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the Hydration Kit worked. It left my skin glowing and refreshed. The hydrating mist is my favorite because it cools your skin and you can use it throughout the day!



I just recently switched my skin make-up routine. So my primer, foundation,  powder, blush, and lip balm are now an organic and natural brand called Juice Beauty. And oh my gosh……I am so in love. My skin is super sensitive (like everything makes it break out) But holy moly. This stuff is flipping awesome. It all covers beautifully, all products feel like they hydrate my skin, they look natural and not cakey, and did I mention that they are so good for your skin?! My skin has a lovely glow to it, even with the powders that have a matte finish, they still leave a beautiful healthy glow to your skin. The blemish free powder is also great because it covers and heals any blemish! The pink blush is positively radiant and does not have an overbearing pink color to it. Absolutely in love with Juice Beauty’s entire line.

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I also use Shea Moisture eyeliner and it feels like butter is being drawn onto my eyelid. My eyes use to burn at every eyeliner I would use, but She Moisture’s feels so calming and stays on all day.

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For Mascara I use Pacifica, and it feels just lovely. It keeps your eyelashes fresh looking, stays on really well, and does a great job at not being flaky. A lot of natural mascaras get flakey and dusty, but so far Pacifica does not, and does a great job at lengthening my lashes.

Picture from Pacifica’s Website


For nail polish I use Pacifica 7 Free nail polish. I never thought about how harsh nail polish chemicals were until I read about them. It never occurred to me that crazy harsh and dangerous chemicals were being used, so I was thrilled to have found Pacifica 7 Free at Ulta. The color and pigmentation is gorgeous (I have a pink and a deep wine red color). They stay on strong and were barely even chipped after 4 days.

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I hope this helps you on your journey to clean living, and if you all have any other great all natural brands feel free to share in the comments below!


**None of these are sponsored, ads, or compensated for in any way. I just love these brands and products!!

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