Gwyneth Paltrow & Thea Baumann’s Cookbook Review

Alright y’all I am kind of obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow’s and Thea Baumann’s cookbook called It’s All Easy. It is honestly the best cookbook I have every seen and the only cookbook I have ever bought! Most of the time I will flip through the cookbooks and cooking magazines at a bookstore or grocery store, but I’ll never buy them. I am particular on the things I buy and always want the product or service I buy to be fully worth it, and I can tell you right now, THIS BOOK IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I never thought I would fall in love with a cookbook enough to buy it, because Pinterest, but my goodness….If my soul was a cookbook, it’d be this one.

Anyways! What makes this book so amazing?

Well Made

First off, every part of it is crafted to perfection.  It’s All Easy is such a charming cookbook to have in your home thanks to the warm, fresh, and inviting tones of the book. It truly captures the essence of home cooking in a beautifully organic way. The cover is sturdy enough for the kitchen and the pages have a matte like finish  so it is easy to read in florescent lighting. Nothing is more annoying when reading a cooking magazine or book than lighting that glares all over the pages.

The photos in this book are just so incredibly realistic. In fact, one time I sent a picture of one of the dishes to my friend Jill, and she thought that I was actually taking a photo of my meal! Personally, I find pictures in cookbooks to be of high importance, because if it does not look delicious then I will not want to make it. You definitely do not have to worry about finding unappetizing pictures in It’s All Easy. Every picture is mouth watering, eye-catching, and you can almost smell the foods right off the page. Seriously, let’s take moment of appreciate for Ditte Isager’s photography skills.


Just as bewitching as the cover, layout, and photos of the book are, the recipes are even better. This book was designed with super-busy people that also want to a culinary experience. For the people that love food and cooking insanely delicious and fresh meals, but are in a time crunch. So, even if you are not in a time crunch these fast, simple, and tasty  meals are just that. Fast, simple, & tasty.

With all of that in mind, these meals typically take around 30 minutes to make. Many recipes are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and sometimes all three! As someone who eats a gluten-free, dairy-free,mostly vegetarian diet I found this cookbook to be filled with different meals, sauces, snacks, and drinks that were too. And another great mention is that almost all of these recipes can be made GF, DF, & V. The combinations of flavors, aromas, colors, and consistences makes every meal satisfying for your inner cook and taste-buds.


All in all, I HIGHLY recommend It’s All Easy for anyone who loves to cook, has no time to cook, loves food, eats food, breathes… Seriously. There are many classic recipes, such as a grilled cheese and tomato soup. The great thing is that the classic recipes have options o make you dish with a deliciously new twist! All of the new recipes will soon become staples in your home and favorites for your table. The recipes are easy to read, simple to prepare, and tasty to eat….or inhale… SO GOOD!

You can buy the book through these links below or by checking your local bookstore!

Barns & Noble: It’s All Easy

Amazon: It’s All Easy


**This was in no way sponsored, I just truly LOVE this cookbook. Also the photos in this post were taken of the book by me with my phone. They are of the front and inside cover. Oh, and be sure to check out GOOP.

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