Juggling Work and College


Jugging work and college is a difficult task to do….I am on my last semester of college, and I have pretty much worked every semester of my college career. It’s definitely been a struggle figuring out how to balance work, classes, social life, and keeping my relationship with God strong.

The biggest test was when I was juggling a full time job as an event planner and an overly full class load. Long story short I somehow wrote down all my final exams on the wrong date and missed them…every college students nightmare…but by the grace of God they all let me take them and were extremely kind about this major academic mistake. Still in shock 2 months later, and forever grateful for my professors!!

Needless to say, I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to doing well in classes and gaining valuable work experience! So without further or do, here are the things I found to be most helpful and valuable…Enjoy!

1.Weekly Plan

Planning is so important…But don’t make the mistake of planning out your entire semester or even month, because things change quickly. Assignments get moved or canceled, work schedules change, etc. So the best way to approach this is by taking one day a week to plan out your week. That way you are able to remember what mostly is going on during that time in your schedule, and you will be better at prioritizing what needs to be done, and won’t feel as overwhelmed!

2. Prioritizing

The next important tip is to prioritize. Prioritize your schedule daily. This is also vitally important for your GPA, stress levels and sanity. Taking 10 minutes out of your day will help you figure out what truly needs to be done that day when it comes time to complete  your assignments. You will be less likely to forget assignments, due dates, and appointments and will get the most out of your day! And hey….Who doesn’t love going to be feeling like they conquered that day!?

3. Schedule Breaks

Schedule breaks into your day! And make sure to schedule as many as you think you need and actually take them. Schedule workout sessions to help you stay mentally and physically strong. There have been many studies showing how working out helps you retain information and help you relieve stress. Also, it is important to schedule snack breaks to keep your body sharp and energized. Your body need nutrients and you mind needs fuel to keep things ready at all times. Plus no one can focus on an empty stomach! Finally, schedule social breaks to help you get your mind off of work and classes. Friends are so so so important. It makes you feel human again after spending hours studying, and helps you relax.

Alright, so those are the top 3 pieces of advice I could think of when it comes to creating a sane and balanced life in college. I hope this helps you all in some way, and I hope you conquer the school year! And of course, live a life that is happily inked by God’s love. Now go seize the day!


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