5 Ways To Have A Great Morning

Ok, waking up in the mornings can be daunting. Especially if you were up late and you have only 4 hours of sleep. Or even if you went to bed early and got your 8 hours of sleep, it can still be a difficult getting up!

Your bed just seems so inviting and like a cloud that you debate whether or not if class/ work are truly important. We eventually sit up with our blankets over our ears, and feel full of angst that we have to function for the day instead of lay in the comfort of our beds. So how can we make waking up more enjoyable and exciting?!1. Be Grateful & Thankful

When you open those pretty big eyes of yours (batting them flirtatiously at the clock hoping to turn back time by being all cute) the first thing to drift into your mind should be gratefulness. Be aware of the good things in your life, and thank God for them. He didn’t have to put you in a place where you are able to have a pillow, blanket, clothes, a phone, clean water, an education, or even a job. Be grateful and thankful to God for the opportunities He has given you to make those things possible. Be grateful that God gave you the free will to be able to change your way of life, where you live, who you hang out with, and to have the tools needed to live out your purpose.

2. Fill Your Mind

Fill your newly awakened and recharged mind with God’s word. Even if it is just for 5 or 10 minutes, it will bring peace and joy into your mind that will stay with you throughout the day. This is so vital in our chaotic world. We need God’s breath flowing through our veins, pumping into our hearts, and nourishing our light spirits. If you make enough time, you can even read a bit of another book for entertainment. Personally, I love reading classic literature and poems. Sometimes I will even read song lyrics! You gain so much from reading, and your mind grows from each book read. Reading brings your mind to life.

3. Add Color

Another great thing to do in the morning is to add some color in your life! By this I mean devote a little time each morning to write, draw, paint, play an instrument, or all of the above! Letting your mind create pictures and sounds each morning is a fun way to strength your artistic skills, and bring happiness into your morning. Also, it will relive your subconscious thoughts and feelings that would haunt you through the day otherwise. Journaling in the mornings is critical to staying mindfully happy.

As I said before, it allows you to write out your frustrations with the world, any leftover anger towards a situation or someone, and any stress and anxiety you have weighing you down.
Drawing, painting, or playing an instrument can help you express the feelings you can’t write into words, and, again, relieve your subconscious mind of negativity and anxiety.

4. EAT

EAT. EAT. EAT. It is so important to fuel your body for the day! You need sustenance to power that beautiful mind and strong body! Eating a nutritious breakfast will give you energy for the day ahead, and nutrients to help your body stay in tip top shape.

Examples of a good breakfast:

-oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter
-an egg, toast, and turkey bacon
-toast with an avocado
-yogurt with fruit and granola

5. Think About The Day Ahead

Think about how you want your day to go, and what you want to accomplish. If you want to finish a paper, or workout for 30 minutes, or even go to the grocery store, start planning out how you are going to do so. This will give you a better chance at completing those tasks and leave you feeling accomplished!

Well friends I hope this will help you over come the morning blues, and give you the tools to have a powerful and joyous day! Because YOU ROCK!!! Don’t let ANYONE darken your spirits light!!

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