Pretty Happy Book Review


“When you understand yourself and connect to how you can become body smart, you realize pretty quickly that the perfect, the ideal is not the goal,” – Kate Hudson

Many of us, myself included, are intimidated by all health jargon and the thought of working out just doesn’t sound fun. Somehow living an active life and eating clean foods had grown a negative connotation to it, but thankfully for the past couple of years the negativity and intimidation has dwindled. Health books are becoming more inviting and fun to read, and one of my favorites of those books is Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. 

“We don’t have to force ourselves to eat a certain way or exercise a certain way. We work with the body, not against it.”- Kate Hudson

Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson is one of my favorite healthy living books that I have come across. Each page is not only filled with great information on living a healthy life, but it just overflows with so much positivity and joy. The bright colors, fun patterns, cute fonts, and you seriously just feel peaceful and happy while reading it.

The layout of the book is made up of 3 parts beginning with Becoming Body Smart, then The Four Pillars in Practice, and lastly Living Body Smart. The book is broken down into further sections which helps the reader understand the concepts better, but basically the book is written like a conversation you would have with a friend. Friendly, inviting, simple, and engaging. 

Some things I learned from Pretty Happy are:

  1. Perfection is not realistic and is very boring.
  2. Change is constant. Your body adapts to workouts and get stronger so you have to update and change your workouts with it.
  3. Food is meant to energize, heal, and build my body so I shouldn’t feel guilty about it or like I need to “earn” what I eat. That’s a messed up way to think of something that  keeps your body functioning.
  4. Meditation and yoga are vital.
  5. Listening to your body is key. Stop ignoring it.

Pretty Happy is by far the most fun health book I’ve ever read. It is definitely one you will read over and over again.

You can click the link below to buy it from Amazon!

I hope you come to love this book and find it just as helpful and happy as I have! Keep spreading love, kindness, and joy, and Live Happily Inked!


Starts 2/20 while supplies last

***This was in no way sponsored or endorsed. I just simply love this book.

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