Top 5 Study Tips


Exam season is here and in full force. Oh joy. But not to worry! I have complied the top 5 study tips and how to make exams suck less! Hopefully these help you during finals week and keep you going strong. Summer is almost here, you got this.

Write It, Read It, Watch It. 

This is a super easy and helpful way to help you make the most of your studying. First write out your notes then read them and do this twice. If there is something that you are having a difficult time understanding after the second time of writing and reading it then watch a video or read an article about the topic. Watching a video or reading an interesting article about that topic will help you relate the terms and concepts to real life situations or images and then help you remember them better.

Colors Are Important

The colors you chose to highlight with, write with, write on, and read on can make a difference retaining information and focusing. Blue is the best color to write with while studying, because it has a calming effect which then helps you study better. Red is the worst color to use while studying because your mind registers it as a negative or overly emotional object and doesn’t retain the information as well.

Your Surroundings:

Your study environment is key to a great study session. Your environment can either keep you focused or can distract you from everything but studying. So your location, sounds, and items around you need to be chosen very carefully.

So first, Are you better when you study with the tv noise on in the background? Classical music? Alternative music? Maybe some EDM? Make a playlist on Spotify that will help keep you focused, energized, and pumped for studying. You want to look forward to study time, and sometimes music is a great way to do so.

Click here to check out to my Study Playlist. Playlist has Coldplay, MUSE, Foster The People, One Republic, Radiohead, The 1975, The Weekend, Snow Patrol, Mat Kearney, Gorillaz, Bombay Bicycle Club and many more!

Next, are you better studying in bed, on the couch, in a library, or outside? If it’s a beautiful day then maybe try going to a park to study outside and enjoy the sun!  Finding a place that is comfortable and not going to distract you can be a challenge, but is worth it. Your surroundings have a huge impact on how well you can study.

Finally, temperature is another big thing for creating the perfect study surroundings. If you are too cold or hot then that is all you can focus on, but if you are able to find the right temperature that keeps you awake and comfortable then it will help you tremendously. Your surroundings have a huge impact on how well you can study.

Nutrition & Activity

Staying healthy during exams is so important!! Keeping your body hydrated, filled up on veggies, fruits, proteins, and whole grains along with sleep will help keep your mind and body running at optimal level. It is so tempting to eat chips, order take out, pints of ice cream and to pull all nighters but it leaves your body running on sugar and your mind fuzzy. Eat nuts, carrots, snap peas, or apples instead of chips. Make smoothies with coconut milk or water, fruits, and protein instead of ice cream. Meal prep instead of ordering take out. Those simple steps will make a drastic difference in your study and exam abilities.

Also, go out for a walk or job. Go to zumba, Pilates, barre, or yoga to get the blood flowing in your body to and de-stress. Moving your body to a sweat will rid yourself of toxins, release built up stress from exams, help you focus better, and sleep more soundly!


This is soooooo incredibly important. Do not forget to laugh and enjoy your life during exams. While exam grades are key to doing well in a class, they are not worth being miserable over. Take a break and watch a funny movie with friends. Go to that concert after a hard day of studying. Memories are what you are making and what you will remember when you are older. So take a break from studying. Enjoy life.

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