Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy In College


Staying healthy in college is a challenge for most college students, and fears of gaining the freshman 15 are enviable….And as a soon to be graduate, I thought I would list out the top 5 health tips that made the most difference for me while in college!

Walk It Out

If you don’t feel like having an intense workout session, then go on a walk around your campus or on a treadmill! Walking is energizing, clears your mind, and can be a great way to socialize with a friend and take a break from studying!  Walking 30 minutes everyday will easily keep you in shape and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Stretch It Out

Stretching releases built up tension and stress that your body is holding on to. You will feel less achy from sitting and studying all day and it will give your muscles a breather. Try yoga if you are feeling fancy or just sit in the floor and practice some stretches while review class materials!

Choose Vegetables First

Choosing veggies first in all of your meal time decisions will save you calories, money, and even time. Vegetables fill you up quicker, are usually cheaper, and will leave you feeling energized. Woohoo! Veggies will give you the necessary and vital nutrients that your body and mind need. It can be tempting to grab fast food, but we all know that it can leave us feeling sluggish, gross, and just not your best. When choosing vegetables make sure they are not drenched in butter, because that will also leave you feeling greasy and tired. GO for roasted veggies, raw veggies, and steamed veggies! YUMMMM!!!!!!!!

Take Water With You Everywhere

Staying hydrated is so important when you are going through study sessions, classes, work, and keeping up your social life afloat. Carrying a water bottle with you everywhere and hydrating yourself will help you stay alert, focused, spend less money on soda/juice/coffee/tea, and keep hunger at bay.  Staying hydrated will also help keep you awake! Most of the time when we are exhausted during the day is because we are dehydrated, and our body just needs some water. So always keep that water bottle handy!

Packing Snacks

When hunger strikes it can be tempting to grab some chips or a cookie on the way to class…But those are usually empty calories that are filled with sugar and leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. So, always bring some healthy snacks with you! Things like an apple, carrots, air popped popcorn, bean chips, snap peas, sliced bell peppers, Kind Bars, ProBars, RX Bars,  and other wholesome/healthy snacks like that are great to have on hand. They will provide you with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, energy, and keep your hunger at bay!


I hope you all found this helpful and that it will help you live a healthy life in and out of college. And don’t forget to live a life happily inked by God’s love!




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