7 Daily Habits To Improve Your Life


OH HEYYYY 2020!!! I see you. You are looking FINE. Okay but really, who else gets excited each January?? I love fresh starts and the blank canvas each year brings. This year has been an amazingly insightful year that brought community, openness, and a lot of love. I finally felt comfortable in my own life’s path and not worried about where God is taking me. Now that took years of work…about 6.5 years to be exact… but I wouldn’t change a thing because this was a year that I really saw what God had been up to during those years. Waiting on God is the best time investment. It’s hard! But worth it. 

So I have compiled a list of 7 daily habits that I learned that helped improve my life tremendously, and I hope will help yours! 

1. Meditiate/ Pray

Meditation and prayer are incredibly important for not only our spirits, but also our physical body. We tend to hold so much tension and anxiety within our shoulders and chests that it can create tightness, pain, and general uncomfortableness. We also become bombarded with images, messages, and things that call for our immediate attention and we become numb to what our body is saying. Meditation brings us to the present and calls us to listen to our body. We are able to scan through what hurts on our body, where we need to release tension, and listen to what our body is telling us it needs. 

Prayer is the time where we connect with God. We take intentional time to go away from distractions and just spend time talking with God giving him praise for what He has given to us, calls attention to our own minds on His goodness, bring to light our fears/worries/requests, and give our soul time to recharge in love. We cannot give the kind of love we were designed to give without first being filled up by the source of that love.

2. Clean & Tidy Up

Cleaning and tidying up a little bit everyday will create a life that feels less overwhelming and cluttered. Taking a few seconds to make your bed, put your clothes away, wipe off your counters, and put your dishes up will keep things feeling fresh, inviting, and welcoming. It makes deep cleaning things less of a nuisance and if someone wants to come over you feel less chaotic at making sure things get cleaned for your guest(s)!

3. Place Things In Sight

This has been incredibly beneficial for me!! Keeping things like vitamins, work out clothes, fruits, and books you want to read out in the open and in an easy to reach place make you more likely to use them! Especially things like vitamins, beauty products, and books because those are easy to forget…Or at least they are for me haha!

4. Stay Hydrated & Nourish With Real Food

This is a no brainer and one that we hear so much we become numb to it. But it is just because it is that important!! Honestly the hard part is changing your mentality on your nutrition. Begin to think of your body as a plant or even like your favorite pet (weird but stay with me)! If you are always making sure your plants are happy and your pets are well fed, why do you not for yourself? Giving your body water, healthy/clean proteins, whole grains, and lots of vegetables will renew your mind, give you energy, detoxify your body, and leave you feeling taken care of and happy. 

5. 5 Minute Journaling

Write down 3 things you are grateful for and 1 way God was working/moving in your life. This brings you to the present moment, creates a grateful/kind/loving heart, and starts to make you look for God in everyday moments. We often are so busy in this modern life that we can rarely see God in our everyday lives. We think that God only shoes himself in miracle moments, but that is furthest from the truth. God is still with us in every moment. Small. large, imaginary He is with us! And journaling for 5 minutes will help you notice that more and more.  

6. Move Your Body

Your body is made to move. They are made to stretch, lift, and jump. Being able to move your body is not just a gift, but it also feels so so good. Your body loves to be challenged and stretched and we have to be intentional about making time. This doesn’t mean you have to go do CrossFit or run for miles! You can take a simple walk, stretch out for a few minutes in the morning and evening, or doing a quick 15 minute body weight exercise. Moving your body releases built up tension and boost your self love! 

7. Read

Reading is SO awesome. If you know me you know I love to read. I was not always like this but I always would hear from leaders, mentors, people I looked up to, and people who seem to embody wisdom that reading was a big part of their life. They made time to read self improvement books, health books, cook books, history books, books on psychology, philosophy, and really whatever interested them. They also read books on topics they knew nothing about or did not agree with so they could be well versed and open minded. They understood that you can easily pigeon hole yourself into one specific way of thinking and lose the ability to learn from other viewpoints. Start out by reading about a topic you love! Maybe that is on music, a mystery, dogs, plants, pasta!!! You get the idea. 


Allllllllllll right that is the 7 daily habits that can improve your life and help you become the person you want to be! The only thing stopping you from becoming that person is…you! So hop to it and let’s all Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love. fullsizeoutput_28b7