Don’t Fake It 


Social media is one interesting beast…. I mean for one we see what other people want us to see….what they dream of, who they hope to actually be, and what they want out of life…Because at its core social media is about acceptance. We all want to be accepted, understood, and valued and social media has given that to us in one way or another. Now, in many ways social media is good because it challenges us to be better, go after our dreams, and to keeps us connected with one another. But it has also given us this false sense of validation and self.

I mean, we spend so much time scrolling through endless photos and comments… Then we often think for the rest of our day thinking about how we can make our lives look better and more fun to others. Most of us miss living a full life by trying to fake a full life. We add so much weight to things on social media, that if something is not on there, it can’t be real. And with that, social media brings us a heavy amount of unrealistic expectations and ideals of what our lives should be like.

Social media has given us the greatest platform of influencing a whole lot of people…That is an overwhelming power, because in just one post, tweet, re-post, or like you can quite literally change someones life. But it has also given us the greatest tool of distraction. We are so easily distracted by watching other people live there lives through videos, words, and photos that we forget to go live ours.

But what if we used social media’s power of influence for spreading something good into the world? What if we used it to only spread love, joy and kindness? What if we used it as our life portfolio? What if we lived everyday life without the need to grab a phone to take a picture or update a status. What if we used it as a life accessory and not a life necessity?

It is easy to want the validation and popularity that Social Media brings, but truth is…the  validation we want and crave is one that only comes from Christ. So as a lot of us are cooped up in homes and out of work for the next few weeks, remember to use social media as a tool for connection. Let’s also remember to Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love and give encouragement to the world.



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