7 Tips For Staying Fit At Home

We are all looking for ways to either stay fit or become fit. Life is super crazy and it even though our bodies and minds feel so much better after working out it is still mentally hard to do this. So what are some ways we can keep ourselves motivated, inspired, and focused?

  1. Fitness Apps

These little apps are a BLESSING. The app store is filled with apps that have at home workouts, workouts with or without equipment, outdoor workouts, partner workouts, etc. Nike’s app is a great free workout app. The design is sleek, it is easy to use, the workouts kick your butt, and it’s FREE. My other favorite workout app is from Natacha Oceane. Her Home workout program happens to come with an app and it does cost $40, but it is well worth it. You only pay that once and you have the workouts forever, you get a fun app that helps you track your progress, it is a 10 week program, and since it is a program it is all planned out for you! I love love love this app, and personally I love her wokrout program more than the Sweat workout app. Natacha focuses on strength and long term muscle health.

2. YouTube Videos

YouTube is a blessing…and a curse. It is so helpful because you can find videos on anything and everything, but terrible because you can be on there for hours!! As far as fitness goessome of my favorite workouts come from Goop, PopSugar, Natacha Oceane, and MadFit. Together they have strength, dancing, pilates, yoga, HIIT, and anything you could want fitness wise. They also have great tips on eating to nourish your body and fuel it. Natacha goes in to the science of fitness, MadFit is just about confidence and fun, Goop is a mainly healthy foods, and PopSugar is all of those combined and then some. Just type in what kind of workout you are looking to do and find one you love. Best part? It is free and you can do it anywhere.

3. Influencers

Stay inspired and motivated by following some health and fitness influencers. Try to go for the ones that are certified nutritionists and trainers when looking for actual information, and devoted passionate healthy people for general inspiration! My favorites are Elissa Goodman, Alex Ashback, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Josh Axe, Rachel DeVaux, Kelly LeVeque, and Maddie Lymburner! Just to name a few hehe!

4. Post It Notes/ Journal

Okay post it notes are the best. They are the right size for any motivational saying, colorful, and they stick to whatever! These guys are great to post your short term goals and happy quotes on and stick on your mirror. A journal is great to use for tracking your inches lost or gained, how you are feeling, how your body feels, tracking fitness progress, and writing out why you want to go after your specific goal. Write in it weekly to keep your focus and mindset right and look back to see how far you’ve come!

5. General Meal Plan

Meal plans are awesome. I am unfortunately really bad at following meal plans so I go for a general meal plan. By that I mean I buy mainly frozen veggies, a vegetarian protein of some sort, raw vegetables and fruits to snack on, chocolate (always) and a grain or two. This gives me the ability to be varied in the week as far as meals go but also structured and not spending crazy amounts of money at the store. Although some months I do that because life just gets crazy sometimes. But for the most part this method helps me and my wallet!!

6. Two Things At Once

I love to walk and read or walk and listen to a podcast. It gets my body and brain moving and also helps the time go by faster! Try adding something that is mentally stimulating if you can while working out so you can knock out 2 fulfilling things at once. Thus giving you more time for that Instagram scrolling or Netflix watching!

7. Drinks/Snacks

Drinks and snacks are vital y’all. Staying hydrated is important for our bodies to work right. Water, lemon water, warm (not hot) teas, fresh juices, and fresh ginger lemonade. These are drinks that’ll provide with the nutrients your body wants and needs. Snacks are also essential depending on how hungry you are. Some people do not need snacks and others bodies need some fuel every few hours. Pecans, walnuts, almonds, granola, Greek yogurt, multigrain chips with a guacamole or salsa, raw veggies, fresh fruits, and really any whole food. You want to have some sort of protein, carb, and fat for a snack. That way you feel satisfied. But remember it is a snack and not a meal! You don’t need to be overly full, just fuelled!

What are some additional tips you have for living a healthy life at home?? Comment below and let’s keep Living A Life that is Happily Inked by God.