Tempted To Doubt God

“Does He really love you?”

“Does He really care for you?”

“Are you sure?”

“Do you really think God has something great for you?

These are just some of the questions I face everyday, and I am sure you do too… When it comes to follwoing God, it is no simple task. We all have this image of how easy are lives will be when we fully trust and go to God, but that is not the case. It is still hard! You still hear the same little voice in your head that says you are not good enough, worthy enough, loved enough, or special enough for the dreams and desires you have. That sucks…Like why isn’t it all rainbows and butterflies when you start following God? Why is everything always so hard. You ask for signs, you ask for proof, you plead and beg for some inkling that you are on the right path or this is the right choice that will lead you closer to freedom in God’s love. But alas it is still chaos in our heads and in our lives. So what in the world can we do about this? Well, today in church I learned just that..

Go. To. Scripture.

Simple as that. We have to spend time in the word to know and understand God. We have to know what sounds like God and what doesn’t. The enemy is sooooo good at sounding like you or making you think his path is the right one, which of course makes things even more confusing. That is, unless you know God’s truth. Those doubts of God’s love for you because you don’t feel good enough and think you are not worthy enough? That is not God. God speaks love into you. We know from scripture that God delights in us. He is legitimately interested in our lives and deeply cares for us. Remember that the feeling of “”God doesn’t care” is a lie. It is a lie that keeps you from living in your purpose and living in the freedom of God’s love.

This is something that you cannot test, because we are told not to test God. It is something we just HAVE to believe and trust. Another thing, is that noone can tell you what your dream is apart from God. Only God knows your heart and soul. Only He knows your thoughts and dreams. Our body is a temple for the Holy Spirit and the devil can’t get in to your temple! BUT he will stand outside of it and whisper through the cracks all the lies and negative talks. He is so good at this that he will even make you think you are thinking it yourself. He gives you and idea like “Well God loves me and I’m forgiven so it’ll be okay if I continue to do _____.” That’s all been through our minds. We have ALL gone through that very scenario of using forgiviness and love as an excuse rather than an empowerment. Look to Jesus in those moments and reflect back to when He was being tempted by the devil. It defintely goes against how we feel, and the devil knows that and uses that to his advantage in tearing us down. 

Something else we can also all work on is making sure our identities are in God and resting in His love, much like Jesus did when the devil was tmepting him. We can see in that passage that Jesus doesn’t boast and doesn’t need to prove anything because he knows who he is. He is confident in his identity. God’s words were enough. We try to prove to everyone what we believe our purpose is and justify our choices, because we want their approval. We lose our identity in the world. Respond with scripture when the devil speaks at you. Remind yourself. It will feel like what the enemy is saying is right and it will make sense to you but remind yourself of scriptures. The enemy’s supply will almost always show up before the Father’s. Don’t let him keep you from promises. 

So what are some things you can do today to help you? 1. Write down what God’s says about you. 2. Write down what things do you try to fill up the emptiness. 3. Ask yourself: What do you feel and what does scripture say to that feeling?  What is something God has given you that you didn’t want now but He knows you need?Remeber that God’s gifts show up when you need it but maybe not when you want it. He knows when you need it. God’s supply will always leave you full and the enemy gives you something that is temporary.

Scripture used: Matthew 4:8-10