Juice Beauty Hydration Kit Review

Happy MONNNDDAAAYYY!!!!!! I hope you all are having an amazing Monday and enjoying this wonderful October day! Alright, so this week's YouTube video is all about Juice Beauty's Hydrating Kit, which can be found at Ulta and Juice Beauty. I LOVE this kit. It's honestly amazing anddddd you can check out my review of the [...]

GOOP Clean Beauty Book Review

  Hello everyone!!! So I finally got my Monday YouTube Video up, YAY!!! This week I am talking about the GOOP Clean Beauty Book, and why it is the great make up and beauty book ever. Seriously in love with this book. THANK YOU GOOP TEAM!!!! GCBB is a beautiful book and has amazing and [...]

Pacifica Beauty Product Review Video!

Hellooooo! Ok, so I started a YouTube Channel for product reviews now! I'll be posting videos every Monday (that is the goal) and hopefully they will help you all find better and cleaner products to use in your everyday life! If you all have any suggestions or want me to review a brand you have [...]

Best Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty products are becoming more popular as we consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals and  junk that companies use in beauty products. But with so many new organic, natural, and less chemically produced products how do you know which ones are good and worth the money? Lucky for you, I have compiled [...]

Yes To Product Review

  Is it just me or does it seem like there are 20 million different skin care lines out nowadays?? Every time I walk into Target I see at least 3 new beauty brands that sound even more amazing than the brands I'm familiar with. Well one day I decided to step out of my [...]

Walk In Love. Apparel

Walk In Love. is such an amazing brand. Their t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, and buttons are of amazing quality and so incredibly soft. Seriously guys. So soft... This brand has the softest t-shirts and I wish my wardrobe was just their apparel. However, it is not just their quality and style of their apparel, but also [...]

Fall Shoes!

Fall Shoes!

THESE SHOES Y'ALL. Oh my gosh ok, so I found these shoes at T.J.Maxx for $39 this past week and HOLY COW. They are the most beautiful boots I have ever put on my feet, and they feel amazing! Now that it is fall time in Tennessee, I'll be wearing these like...90% of the time. [...]

Great Websites

Alright, so we all know that the internet has so much information and so many websites that it can be overwhelming at times...So this post is filled with helpful websites on health, food, clothing, devotionals, entertainment and other misc things! It will be continually updated so feel free to check back every once in a [...]