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Live Happily Inked is all about spreading love, joy, and kindness through the world by living a colorful life that is happily inked by God’s love. I hope you find something that inspires you and brings more love and joy into your life.

-Michelle Cosse, Founder of Live Happily Inked-

Photo by Lucy Wheaton

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Little Faith, Much Distraction

Who else is so fearful of the unknown and afraid of doing the wrong thing? I for sure am. The fear often stops me from living life fully and living how God calls me to live. I pray and pray for Him to tell me where to go and what to do, and then when He calls, I retreat and hide. Why?Why do I live with such little faith and so much distraction?

Tempted To Doubt God

“Does He really love you?” “Does He really care for you?” “Are you sure?” “Do you really think God has something great for you? These are just some of the questions I face everyday, and I am sure you do too… When it comes to follwoing God, it is no simple task. We all have […]

A Love Influencer

“God didn’t give you influence so you’d lead people better; He gave it so you’d love people more.” -Bob Goff, Dream Big Bob Goff is one my favorite author and someone I look up to. He speaks so much truth and teaches in a way that is easy and exciting to learn. If you don’t […]

7 Tips For Staying Fit At Home

We are all looking for ways to either stay fit or become fit. Life is super crazy and it even though our bodies and minds feel so much better after working out it is still mentally hard to do this. So what are some ways we can keep ourselves motivated, inspired, and focused? Fitness Apps […]


When faced with the choice of going with non-toxic make-up and toxic make-up which would you choose? The non-toxic one of course! There are so many well known beauty brands that are filled with harmful and unregulated ingredients, but because everyone uses those brands and truly they work so well it can be hard to […]

Don’t Fake It 

Social media is one interesting beast…. I mean for one we see what other people want us to see….what they dream of, who they hope to actually be, and what they want out of life…Because at its core social media is about acceptance. We all want to be accepted, understood, and valued and social media […]

Photo By Lucy Wheaton