3 Lessons From Adopting A Dog

Dogs are the best. They love you with an unconditional love that is so pure and sweet and they live their entire lives loving you, waiting for you, and wanting nothing more than your attention...and food. Haha! The more I got to thinking about a dog's love, I saw glimpses of God's love. Not only [...]

The Best Gluten Free, Dairy Free, & Egg Free Brownies Ever!!!

Live Happily Inked Photographyhttp://livehappilyinkedphotography.com HOLY nom guys. I am sitting here writing this while eating my forth brownie.... o..my. goooooodness. These are seriously so yummy and satisfyingly chocolatey. GOOD SWEET LORD. Okay now that I'm done raving about these guys, you need to make these. ASAP. I'm going to go eat all of then now.....Enjoy! [...]

5 Easy Healthy Living Tips

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com There are soooo many articles, books, podcasts, and even movies out in the world that are all about living healthy. We read, hear, and see these things but most of the time we still stay stuck in our less than healthy lifestyle habits. So what are we to do?? Baby [...]

What I Got Wrong In 2018

Happy start to the new year!! It's hard to believe that it is a week into 2019, but here we are. The past month has been a heavily reflective one in my areas that compile into my life. It is amazing to see what a difference one year can make. 2018 was good, but hard. [...]

Step Away

Lately, I have been feeling such an incredible need to step away from everything and everyone. To leave the world for a few days and just be.... Away from the notifications, the emails, the texts, the calls, the constant bombardment of ads, and the never ending ways of the world. It feels like the world [...]

Insecurities & Loving Yourself

Mix insecurities, rejection, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence all together you have one big mess called the last 4 years of my life. When you have low self- confidence, everything is a struggle. Social settings, work, shopping, you name it and anxiety and fear are written all over it. You feel uncomfortable and uneasy and [...]

What Is A Good Life?

The American culture is one that is driven by materialism and consumerism . The ads, the stores at every corner, and people saying, “You need this in your life!” is over and underwhelming. Overwhelming because if we are not able to get this certain product we are not being successful. It's also underwhelming because it's [...]

Use Your Gifts.

I have been thinking a lot lately on who I really am and who I am supposed to be. Should I go to this job, should I try that job, what if I mess up... Then I end up stopping myself because my heart starts to take over and it starts feeling less safe and [...]

Book Review: Everybody Always By Bob Goff

If you know me, you know Bob Goff is my all time favorite author. His book Love Does is one that I read every year (sometimes twice a year) because it's just that good. Well Everybody Always, is going to be another one of those books I devour over and over again. Love Does is [...]

Beautiful Distractions

I am so glad God is a "come back to me" kind of love. Honestly, I have been so distracted lately, and not in God's presence. With working a full time job and part time job and then working odd jobs.... It's safe to say my mind has been elsewhere, and that's not a good [...]