About Me


Hey there! My name is Michelle and I am the creator of Live Happily Inked. I am a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee-GO VOLS!! I began this site a few years ago to spread love, joy, and kindness through the world by living a colorful life that is happily inked by God’s love.

  • Fun Facts About Me:
    1. I admire and love Coldplay. No joke I have been to 4 of their concerts, and will be going to 2 more in 2017. I seriously like every song they have made except 5 of them, and even then I still kinda like those songs. Anyways, this is relevant because I admire the front man, Chris Martin, so much. From him, I have learned that doing what you love and being yourself is the coolest thing you could ever do. To be goofy and overflowing with compassion, love, and joy for life is how to live an incredible life and to give back and help others as much as you can. We are all living this life together, and each one of us needs love.
    2. Music in general is a love and passion of mine. Mainly indie, rock, and classical music. I listen to music from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep, and still it’s not enough time to listen. I also playtime violin, guitar, piano, and ukulele! Can you tell I love music?
    3. Puns, jokes, and sarcastic remarks are the BOMB DIGGITY.
    4. Road trips are my favorite and preferred method of travel. One day I pray to be going on a long road trip across the U.S. and to Canada! (Maybe from a concert tour?!)
    5. I love getting lost in time by painting with watercolors while blasting music. Painting is a newfound love of mine and it is so so so fun.Check out my Instagram for watercolor art!
    6. My life’s passion is to spread as much joy, love, and kindness throughout the world as possible by creating!
    7. Tea. I love tea. Not coffee.
    8. I work at a local Ice Cream Shop called Cruze Farm!! If you’ve never been, you have to go. It’s incredible.


  •  I believe that spreading love and kindness towards everyone you meet can change the world.
  •  This blog began a year ago when I was working as an intern in the magical land of Disney World. I left Tennessee for Florida and took a semester off from college, knowing that God was about to do some major work in my life. He had been calling me to move away from home for awhile, and everything fell into place perfectly to do so. As He took His paintbrush and began painting my life with new colors and shapes, I felt the overwhelming need to write and share. So what started out as a little blog called Violet Ivy, turned itself into the blog you see today called Live Happily Inked.
  • The name Live Happily Inked came through one day when I was drawing. It just kind of drew itself and became the new name!
  •  Much of the things I write about stems from books, articles, thoughts, and experiences that I have come across and want to share with you.



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