Set Apart, Not Aside

To be set aside is once if the worse feelings in human nature. To be set aside means you’ve been rejected, have lower value, not wanted, and forgotten. To be set aside is like saying you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, or even just enough. It’s lonely, painful and nothing [...]

Wood & Nails

What do you see when you look at the cross? Do you just see a symbol? Do you picture Jesus? Are you reminded of that the cross is all about? Maybe a mix of all three depending on the day? It’s painful to say, but sometimes I pass by and see the cross and feel... [...]

All I Need You To Do Is Jump

Jesus tells us all the time to “take up our cross and follow me” but so many of us are too fearful to do so. We’ve only ever known ourselves, yet he asks us to deny ourselves and all that we know... Kinda scares you a bit, right? Well, that is exactly what needs to happen [...]

Do You Rely On You, Or God?

I am the worst when it comes to personal life difficulties. I can help everyone through their problems and when they need guidance, but I have to hide away for days when I'm faced with massive choices and challenges. For example, with my college career coming to a close, I am faced with some hard [...]

Free PDF Bible Study Journal Download

Does anyone else need help writing through your though process when reading the bible?? Cause I know I need help. The bible is so intense to read, and so many thoughts come rushing forward, which makes it difficult to really have any of it sink in. There are so many tool out in the world [...]

False Worldly Comforts

One very gigantic thought came to mind last night... I was laying on the couch watching the greatest T.V. show ever (aka Top Gear UK) munching on some popcorn, and relaxing when all of the sudden 4 dings come from my phone. I pick it up and look at it to see that they all [...]

What Are You Preventing?

We ask for so many things from God. We ask for health, love, money, jobs, strength, and protection. We ask for all of these things, with the hope that they will just magically fall in our lap. We hope that we do not have to wait long for these blessings, and not a lot of [...]

He Is King

Jesus spent His life loving, healing, welcoming,  and forgiving others.Our God was born into this world in a barn among the animals and dirt with people already out to kill him. He walked this earth sharing the good news of eternal life filled with pure love and joy and people still wanted Him gone. The [...]

A Head Full Of Dreams

We are all on this earth for a specific purpose. We are here because the Lord has something that He needs to be completed, changed, or invented.  He puts these dreams, ideas, and desires in our hearts and intertwines them with our souls so we will go after them, but not everybody goes after these things. Now some [...]

Live A Secretly Incredible Life

Living a secretly incredible life is a beautiful way to live. It is the way Jesus lived, and it is the way He wants us to live. Think about it...He never boasted about the incredible actions he did. In fact when he would heal and forgive the sick he would tell them, "Don't tell anyone." [...]