A Love Influencer

photo by lucy wheaton photo “God didn’t give you influence so you’d lead people better; He gave it so you’d love people more.” -Bob Goff, Dream Big Bob Goff is one my favorite author and someone I look up to. He speaks so much truth and teaches in a way that is easy and exciting [...]

Don’t Fake It 

Social media is one interesting beast.... I mean for one we see what other people want us to see....what they dream of, who they hope to actually be, and what they want out of life...Because at its core social media is about acceptance. We all want to be accepted, understood, and valued and social media [...]

7 Daily Habits To Improve Your Life

OH HEYYYY 2020!!! I see you. You are looking FINE. Okay but really, who else gets excited each January?? I love fresh starts and the blank canvas each year brings. This year has been an amazingly insightful year that brought community, openness, and a lot of love. I finally felt comfortable in my own life's [...]