God is Good


God is so good. I mean SO incredibly good. He is amazing and wonderful and awe- inspiring and deserves so much. But here I am giving Him the scraps of my day.
Here I am giving our HOLY God 2 minutes before I go to sleep.
Here I am thinking that this is enough for God.
Here I am, thinking that a magnificiant God is happy with 2 minutes of prayer a day.
Would you give the one closest to your heart only 2 minutes of your day? Absolutely not! So why do we do this with the one that gave us life and taught us what love is? In return we expect Him to give us everything we want because we ever so graced Him with 2 minutes of our time. It is an unfortunate mentality that we all need to snap out of.

We need to go back and actually understand what it means to love and devote ourselves to the one that loves us and knows us more than anyone could ever love and know us. The fact that he loves us at our darkest should have us rising at our feet, shouting, praising, and jumping for joy that our amazing God loves us!! But we sit here thinking “Well duh. He should love us.” But seriously where is our joy? Where are our shouts of thanks for this good news?

If God were to give us what we so rightfully deserve, it would be no life. But God loves us so much that He decided to give HIS son as an ultimate sacrifice so that WE may be with Him in heaven. Now I think people forget that Jesus had the choice of living a pure life and living a life as a sinner. He had the choice of dying for us or not. He was not forced to be a sacrifice for everyone’s sin, because if that were the case then it would not have been an ultimate and final sacrifice. It would not have been enough. Jesus had to make the decision. And it was not just a question from God asking, “Hey, do you want to die for them, or not?” Jesus was tempted. He was tempted in every way that we are tempted, and He over came those temptations.

Another thing… Jesus, Son of GOD, died for us and made our sins before God disappear. He made our sins disappear. I mean does that just not make your soul want to jump out of you and dance?? Jesus took every single human beings sin and took the WRATH OF GOD (His father) and did away with our sins. Jesus, who had never sinned, took the wrath of billions of people’s sin. And we sin more than once a day so He took on trillions and trillions and TRILLIONS of sins, and took that punishment for each sin. And it was not an easy thing to do. God himself had to turn away from watching His son take the punishment for us. And Jesus even asked God if he could stop because it was too much to bear. Can you even comprehend this, and wrap your head around this? You see, we live in a world that is driven by sin. We think the world and heaven revolves around us and everything we do deserves God’s praise and Him saying “ Oh yay! Good for you for holding the door open!” and we do not understand why our prayers go unanswered. We. Are. Not. Worthy. We are so not worthy of anything, but because of Jesus dying for us and by God’s grace we are given hope. Hope of a pure, holy, and glorious world called Heaven.

We need to stop thinking that the world revolves around us and that we should be handed anything we want for doing ‘good deeds’. We need to start giving God our upmost best. He deserves and is worthy of out best. Our best should always be given to our holy and glorious God.


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