Who Cares What Society Thinks

Remember when Jesus met the woman at the well? He was speaking with her she asked why He would ask her for a drink of water. Even Jesus’s friends could not believe that He was conversing with this woman. Jesus’s disciples wanted to intervine with their conversation, because it was a well known rule to not talk too these people…But Jesus didn’t care. He wanted to speak with her, and share the love of His father. He wanted to help her.

Now isn’t it amazing how He didn’t care whatsoever about what society thought, because He knew the only opinion that mattered was God’s. He could care less about society’s rules. The do’s and don’t’s of living in a ‘correct manner’ meant nothing to Him. Jesus knew what was important in this life and he was not going to let some silly rules stand in his way. Jesus’s love was not an earthly love, but a heavenly love. A love that cannot be obtained on this earth through man alone. A true love from the one who created us. It is a steady, pure, and holy love. It is a love worth fighting for and worth dying to self for. It is a love worth spreading. 

I love when He is finished speaking with her and His disciples are probably standing there stunned and looking at Him like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Even after witnessing all the miricals that Jesus does, they still become stunned and question His actions. But we do the same thing nowadays. Even after we fully commit our lives to the Lord we still question God and question Jesus. WE question the things that are put in our hearts and the gifts that God gives us becasue society has a different idea about how we should live. Society tells us how we should look, speak, act, write, draw, sleep, read, eat, walk, think, and dress. And we listen. We do what we are told. We get the education, jobs, and products that society tell us to. However, when we start going off of the path that everyone walks on, and begin to follow Jesus we are pursicuted. The bible tells us that we will always be persicuted for going against the grain. It is not an easy path to go on, and not many people will walk upon this path, but it is a path worth going on. 

The path is narrow, but our creator takes our trembling hands in a firm grip with His, and strongly walks with us. Let’s not feel discouraged when doors are closed, or saddened when people turn away from us, or scared when we cannot see what the future entails. 

When times begin to get chaotic or frightening, just remember that Jesus has endured it all, and He alone can get you through it. Do not be afraid of the dreams, thoughts, and gifts that God has placed in you. Spread the good news of God’s LOVE for us. Spread it like wildfire. Light God’s glorious light shine thru you so that this dark world may be lit again with His love. ​

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