5 Things You Learn While Pursuing God


How cool is it that our God cares for us? He makes us wait for His perfect timing on everything. He knows when we need things, He knows when we need certain words of kindness or encouragement from His people, and He knows when we need His love. He knows our every need and want, which He supplies in His perfect timing. 

While we pursue God we learn so much about ourselves, but what all do we actually learn? That was the question that I had a few years ago, so I thought I’d share what I learned below:


We first learn how to be patient. We patiently wait for God to tell us yes or no. All throughout the bible we learn that God wants us to be patient and that His timing is perfect. Not our own. It is so freeing to know that God is in control, and that  His interesting, timing, and plan, is so much greater than anything you could ever dream.

It is always so astounding to see how everything plays out in life and see how far you have come.  Those times in life where you want a certain job, or want to be graduated already, or want to be in a relationship with someone but the timing is all off. You just want to begin a certain part of life so badly, but then you look back a year later and see how perfectly things played out. Either you found a job way better than the one you were wanting, or you find yourself with this amazing person that came out of no where, or you move to the place of your dreams. Whatever it may be, you learn to trust that God’s timing is perfect and learn how to be patient.


We learn to be forgiving towards one another. While we wait for God to answer us we come across different types of situations and people. The people may get on our nerves, act rudely towards us, or offend us. 


We learn to act lovingly towards each other, and what loving people truly means. Love one of the most important things we can give to people. Love is what makes the world connected, and is what brings everyone together. Love is what people so desperately desire to have and to give. When we pursue God, we learn that love is not just a feeling, but it is actually an action and a way of life.

One of my all time favorite books was written by Bob Goff and  Love Does, that perfectly sums up what love is. I encourage you to check it out, because it is one of those books that drastically improves your life for the better.


We become great listeners. Listening is important for every relationship, and it is no different when pursuing a relationship with God. Waiting for God to tell us His answer on things forces us stop and quietly listen. We have to stop our chattering, scampering, scurrying, and so we can fully listen and focus on what God is telling us.  

Trustworthiness/ Respect

One of the most important factors in any relationship is trust. How many times are we told  in the bible not to worry? 365 times. Everyday we are told not to worry, and just trust God. Why should we even bother with worry? It is not like worrying helps the circumstances. Why not just trust in Him and let Him take care of it. Everything that happens is a stroke of color on His beautiful canvas, and we know how much our God loves color. Look at the sunsets and sunrises, the plants, the people, and the universe. Our God loves to make things beautiful, so let Him paint the picture. The artist is the one who sees the entire canvas, not the brushes or paints.

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