Making Mistakes & Giving Grace


Do you ever just think “why in the world did I just do that?” Or “that was such a big mistake, why did I think that was a good idea?!” Maybe it’s multiple things, or maybe it is just one thing that you keep doing over and over again because you just can’t help it. Either way you jsut want so badly to be freed from it. But how? You have tried everything right?! Well, maybe what you need to try is focusing on grace. Ask God to create a pure and clean heart and mind. When you begin to feel tempted go to God and pray. Ask Him to put your thoughts on what He wants you to think about. Then just rest in God’s grace.


We SEVERLY underestimate God’s power so much so that we feel like He can’t help us. But He can, AND he wants to. He wants us to be free from the things that bind us to this earth and be free in His love and joy.

Jesus paid our debt so that we do not have to worry about God’s wrath. He cared so much about us that He wanted us to be able to live with His father and Him. So He died for us. He endured God’s wrath. Just so we could get the chance to be with Him. Doesn’t Jesus’s actions say something else about our God? Through all the actions Jesus did, and all the temptation of the world that he overcame, it showed us that Our God has something worth so much more than all of the temporary pleasures of the world. Jesus knew what God could do and put His life into telling the truth to the peopl. He knew there was an awe-inspiring place to go after this world. He also knew of God’s love, God’s kindness, and God’s understanding. And he wanted us to have the chance to experience and live in God’s loving arms. While we will never be sinless ourselves, we become forgiven by God’s grace. 

It is never to late to run into God’s arms. He welcomes us with arms wide open at any age. 

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