God’s Plan For You Might Not Be What You Think….


We tend to put earthly bonds on an unearthly God… We think of God as this gigantic being that sits upon fluffy white clouds making  beautiful paths for His people to follow full of flowers, love, and happiness, but it is actually something quite different. Truthfully God’s plan for us is not what we think it is…

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

Many will say  the verse, but not realize the truth behind it. Some think it means that God will give them a husband/wife, a child, or give them the job they dream of having.  We take that verse and attach it to getting married, having kids, have a great career, and having a fantastic life, but those are earthly things for an unearthly, holy God. While all of those things are truly wonderful, God’s plan is for us to be with Him in Heaven. It is for us to adore Him, serve Him, and be with Him.

We seem to place our choices and God’s plan for us together when honestly they are two totally different things. God gave us the choice to love and serve Him, right? We were not forced to love Him…So why do we think that God is going to force a career on us, a person for us, or even a situation on us? He may place a fantastic job, person, or event in our lives but we are the ones that choose to accept those things. He does guide our steps and makes our paths straight, but he does not force us to walk those steps. He will make it clear which is His way and which is the world’s way, but He will never force us to His way.

Now, God’s purpose for you is different from His plan for you. His purpose for you is to spread the gospel and spread His love and light throughout the world.  His plan is for you to be along side Him in Heaven. His plan is closeness with our souls.

God’s plan for you is for you to be with Him. How ever you may get to that is based on your choices. Of course He may guide you to a certain person, place, job, or experience, but God lets you decide whether or not to accept. In the end, God’s plan is for you to be with Him.



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