Choosing Paths In Life


Have you ever been standing at the fork in the road looking at both signs wondering, “How in the world am I supposed to choose?!”  Well that is exactly where I found myself this past week involving my professional career. One direction was a professional, cushy, and corporation style route, and the other was a risky, creative, artsy and passionate route. Two very different jobs that would involve very different lifestyles. Both sounded amazing in there own ways, but how was in the world am I supposed to choose?! Both were paths that I could see myself on, but this was the deciding factor. This choice would be the foundation of my career and lifestyle…

When you are at these moments in life you may feel panic, stressed, excited, happy, overwhelmed, and everything else in between. You can feel it in your bones that this choice you are about to make is a gigantic and life altering choice. So what can you do?


First and foremost, pray. You cannot make this decision by yourself. You need God’s wisdom and love desperately. Sit with Him, pray to Him, open your bible and be with Him. God’s power and wisdom will help you see and think more clearly so you can make the best choice.


Pro & Con List

Next, make a pro and con list! These are simple and effective ways to help you see the positive and negatives of each path. You may even find that the one that has a longer list of negatives has more amazing positives! This list is a tool to help make your decision and help you unearth the answer you need.


When making decisions like this it is vital to research each path. Learn what life is like for those that took those same paths. Not saying thatwhat you find will be mimicked into your life, but it will give you an idea on how your path might be.


Write out what you want your life to look like. Do you want to have a big house and family? Do you want to travel and experience different things? What do you want your life to be like? Writing this out can help you see which path will give you what you want. Not saying that you are guaranteed those things, just that you are more likely to have that kind of life.

Sleep On It

Old, but great advice. Once you have done all of these things, give it up to God and go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning talk to God, look through your list, your research, and your writing. One of the paths will most likely stand out to you more and tug at your soul more than the other!


In the end don’t be afraid, stressed, or anxious! We can trust that either career path in life we take will end  in God’s kingdom. Have courage and faith in Him.



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