Something We All Need To Learn

This is going to be short, sweet, and a little choppy. But hey that’s ok!


Seriously y’all we need to learn something. We need to learn how to disagree with one another.

We are all from different backgrounds, have different views, morals, opinions, values, and we all have different appearances. Not one person is the same so why in the world do we try and think the same on EVERYTHING. There is no way that we all will think the same about every facet of life, but we may have similar views. Not the same, but similar. Which means some of our views align at specific points, but also has its differences. Differences are a chance for growth, and we need to stop blaming, hating, and attacking those that see differently. It brings us no favor when we focus on the differences instead of trying to learn from others, and RESPECTFULLY talk about things. We all live on the same planet, breathe the same air, feel the same feelings, and overall want the same things. We want to feel loved, understood, and happy. Take 4 minutes and watch this video, because lets face it. This world needs to learn how to disagree.

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