4 Reasons People Are Scared To Change The World


Changing the world is something we all want to do. We want to live lives that impact others, change others, and change the worlds views. Some good and some bad, but nevertheless we all have the desire to leave this Earth changed.

We see all of these driven people talking about living life to the fullest and reaching your full potential. We feel empowered for a day or so, but then we go back to our normal routines. Then we suddenly see something else that inspires us for a brief moment…We go through the same cycle over and over again and we can’t seem to get out of the endless cycle of thinking instead of doing.

We see some people who have risen above just thinking about it, and have actually managed to make a difference in the world. Whether it be through music, writing, leading organizations, or art of various kinds we see these people that act on changing the world in that area. Our life’s purpose is intertwined with how we hope to change the world.So why is it so hard to take that leap?

We see many people in the entertainment industry dedicate tours, books, and even create businesses to raise awareness of issues in the world. But then we hear things like “that person needs to just stick to their job.” Or “that person is. so dumb they have no idea what they’re talking about. They live in a fantasy world.” It is stuff like this that makes people afraid to take that leap of faith and go after the things they care about because of all the backlash they will get. Not may get, but will get. One thing that I have learned is to try your best to block what those people say and continue onward.
Fear Of The Unknown

Changing the world is a beautiful challenge. But so few go after it, because they fear the unknown. They fear for the words and actions and hardships that will come, and they fear the comfort of present life. We are creatures of habit, and we all want nothing more than stability in some respect of life. So when you begin going after your life’s purpose it can be terrifying.


In a perfect world, we would all be given the resources and people needed to achieve anything and everything we want to do. However, we all know that is not the case. A lot of us don’t go after our dreams and world changing goals because we do not put the effort into creating the resources we need. Not necessarily finding, but creating. Creating the opportunity’s, creating the team you need, and creating the resources you need.


Very few people are not afraid of failure.  Failure has given people the notion that it is the absolute worst outcome possible.  However, failing is just the end result of trying something  that didn’t work. That’s it, plain and simple. It is just the end result of a path that didn’t provide the desired outcome. Failure does not mean to never try again or to give up, it just means to try a different way to get to the desired outcome.

So mainly what I’m saying is you can make a difference in the world. It’s just a matter of you dedication and perseverance. Take that step, and never look back at the world as it once was. Go out and change this world for the better!

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