Waves of Loneliness


Loneliness is something that I have struggled to face all my life. It is something that I faced as a child, all throughout middle school, all throughout high school, and all throughout college. Loneliness has become an old friend of mine that I’ve come to know and respect. Through my life long friendship with loneliness I’ve learned a few things along the way, and God has heavily placed these on my heart to share with you in hopes that it will help you during any waves of loneliness you may face.

People Always Leave. God Does Not.

Something we all learn is that people leave. No matter how close you may be with someone, more often than not they leave. It happens right before your eyes, and it can also blind side you. Goodness does it hurt. However, there is something beautiful about it all. The beauty lies within God’s promise of never leaving, and always loving. People leaving shines a light on how God never leaves us. He is the one strong being that stays in our lives no matter what. He is the one who loves you more than anyone ever could and never wants to leave you.

Being Alone Gives God Room To Move Into Your Heart

Another great thing about a season of loneliness is that it creates such a strong bond with God. If you are feeling lonely and run to God, He takes that emptiness and fills it with His love. Through that you start to feel your foundation become more solid, more kindhearted, more joyful, and more filled with love. Loneliness moves out selfishness and brings in selflessness.

Seasons Of Loneliness Make You More Thoughtful and Kind

Seasons of loneliness soften your heart like no other. You become aware of what it feels like to be left behind, or forgotten, or not welcomed. You begin to understand that kindness is simply being welcoming and thoughtful towards a people. You learn the importance of giving your time to others. You learn to be more forgiving of others and more understanding. You learn how easy it is to be kind someone even when they are not being kind to you.

Everyone Just Wants To Be Noticed & Loved

In the end, people just want to be acknowledged and shown that they matter…because they do matter! In this day and age people are quite self consumed, because that’s what what we’ve learned through media. They tell us that we need to worry about keeping up with new technologies, new clothing, new this, new that, getting tons of responses from people all to keep up our “image” so that we don’t become outdated or irrelevant. Loneliness teaches you that all of those things are meaningless. It’s not what you have, but it’s what you do that matters in life. And through that, one of the biggest ways we can show love to someone is to acknowledge them like they are an old friend. To welcome them into your life no matter how brief their stay in your life is. Now this is a hard thing to do because it makes your heart susceptible to getting hurt, but it’s the greatest gift we can give to someone and it is the best way to give God’s love freely. As Bob Goff says in his new book, Love Everybody, Always. No matter what.

Loneliness teaches your heart and soul things that could not be learned otherwise. It softens our hearts, makes us slow to anger, and helps us learn to give God’s love freely. So don’t be afraid of lonely seasons. Embrace them with a hug and a warm welcome like you would a dear friend. Take your season of loneliness to Live a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love.


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