Life Is Supposed To Be Colorful


Life is not meant to be easy . It is not supposed to be bright and happy all the time. Life is supposed to be colorful. It has many bright moments and many dark moments. But if either the bright or the dark are left out, you’ll never see the full spectrum of this colorful life.

Life is filled with beautiful moments such as falling in love, raising a family, having your dream career, and going on wildly amazing adventures. However many of us forget these moments. Many of us get stuck in the past that is filled with regret, heartache, and loss. We hear the hateful words in our minds from people we used to know. We see our belongings dwindle, and we see our health decline. We start focusing on all the negative things that have happened and soon the memories of bright and joyous times wither away.

Living is the most difficult thing you will ever do, but also the most rewarding. You are going to have tough times. Maybe a loved one passes away or leaves you. Maybe you get the job of a lifetime and then somehow blow it, your marriage is falling apart, or maybe you go bankrupt. Whatever the issue may be, just remember that things are going to happen that are not ideal, but those things make you stronger. Those less than ideal moments are meant to make you more resilient and teach you to be grateful. The dark times in our life are there to test us and grow us in ways that cannot be done when we are content with what we have, because contentment brings us comfort. We stop growing and stop moving because we like feeling comfortable and snuggle up to the idea of staying put. But no growth happens when we stay in one spot. So do not forget that hard and difficult times are here to strengthen you and grow you. Our heavenly father will take care of us and be with us.

Think about God as the painter of this massively beautiful portrait. Think about each of ourselves as tiny specs of paint stroke. The tiny specs of color from the paint stroke does not see the entire beautiful portrait. Instead, they only see the dark and light colors painted around them.  But the painter who holds the brush sees the entirety of the beautiful portrait. The painter sees how each color intertwines with the other and how the shapes connect with one another. The painter knows what is needed to make the portrait beautiful and breathtaking.

So next time you are feeling down, defeated, or ordinary…Remember that you are part of the most beautiful masterpiece ever created, by an artist that deeply loves you.

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