I am the Desert. Jesus is the Water.

Rejection is something that scares us all. We all want to be accepted, loved, cared for, and known. We crave these things, and search for them so desperately throughout the world, but nothing ever seems to suffice. We think that if we meet the right person, do the right things, and go after our dreams [...]

GOOP Clean Beauty Book Review

  Hello everyone!!! So I finally got my Monday YouTube Video up, YAY!!! This week I am talking about the GOOP Clean Beauty Book, and why it is the great make up and beauty book ever. Seriously in love with this book. THANK YOU GOOP TEAM!!!! GCBB is a beautiful book and has amazing and [...]

Pacifica Beauty Product Review Video!

Hellooooo! Ok, so I started a YouTube Channel for product reviews now! I'll be posting videos every Monday (that is the goal) and hopefully they will help you all find better and cleaner products to use in your everyday life! If you all have any suggestions or want me to review a brand you have [...]

Best Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty products are becoming more popular as we consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals and  junk that companies use in beauty products. But with so many new organic, natural, and less chemically produced products how do you know which ones are good and worth the money? Lucky for you, I have compiled [...]

Yes To Product Review

  Is it just me or does it seem like there are 20 million different skin care lines out nowadays?? Every time I walk into Target I see at least 3 new beauty brands that sound even more amazing than the brands I'm familiar with. Well one day I decided to step out of my [...]

Live A Secretly Incredible Life

Living a secretly incredible life is a beautiful way to live. It is the way Jesus lived, and it is the way He wants us to live. Think about it...He never boasted about the incredible actions he did. In fact when he would heal and forgive the sick he would tell them, "Don't tell anyone." [...]

Time Is Fleeting

Your time here on earth is short, but it is also the longest thing you will ever endure and know. Your time is not something that can be negotiated with God. It is not your friend. It is not your enemy. Time is simply a reminder. It is a reminder on what your limited amounts [...]

Dwelling With God

Today while walking outside I was caught up in day dreams listening to music. So while I was jamming out, all of the sudden an older man came up next to me briskly walking and as he walked by he joyfully said, "Don't you just love this weather?! I am enjoying this walk so much I [...]

When I Rise

Spending time with our Father in the mornings is essential. It morphs our hearts into the creatures God wants us to be. When we fill our minds with His word, His teachings, His news, and His love, we are then plated up in our armor and ready to take on the world. His Word Guides [...]

Life Is Supposed To Be Colorful

Life is not meant to be easy . It is not supposed to be bright and happy all the time. Life is supposed to be colorful. It has many bright moments and many dark moments. But if either the bright or the dark are left out, you'll never see the full spectrum of this colorful life. Life is filled with beautiful [...]